27 August 2013

Australia First Party Brisbane: Objectives

AFP Brisbane Objective 1: Inauguration and Federal Election

Following its inauguration in August 2013, AFP Brisbane will support AFP Queensland candidates for the 2013 Federal Election by distributing campaign fliers and manning polling booths on election day in key areas throughout the west, south and east of Brisbane.

AFP Brisbane Objective 2: "Get To Know Us" Campaign

Following the September 2013 Federal Election, AFP Brisbane will embark on a public relations campaign to make ourselves known in the Brisbane area.
Starting in mid September and running into early-mid 2014 our primary agenda will be to get to know the public and to share our political views through frank, honest discussion. AFP Brisbane will achieve this goal in four ways:
  1. By talking to people in our every day lives, never forgetting that each of us are ambassadors of the AFP.
  2. By turning out in strength (in party colours) at any protests or rallies regarding key issues vital to the future of Australia and the people.
  3. By hosting informal BBQs to which we can invite friends, family (including children), party supporters and anybody who is interested in asking questions &/or joining the party.
  4. By attending (in party colours) important national celebrations, most significantly Australia Day and the Anzac Day march.

AFP Brisbane Objective 3: Combating The Left

AFP Brisbane will take a keen interest in all left-wing socialist protest &/or activist public activities.
AFP Brisbane will make it our mission to remove, obscure or cover any socialist propaganda (such as posters, graffiti, etc) defacing Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.
AFP Brisbane will make it our purpose to turn-out in strength to peacefully counter-march against left-wing rallies/marches. AFP Brisbane will advise Queensland Police that we are legally doing so and will video-record all proceedings for legal purposes and for posterity.

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