26 June 2011

How You Can Help

Australia First frankly needs all the help it can get. The path of Australian nationalism has up to now been a stony one and at times a lonely one. Those of us who have been here for a while would welcome fresh activists.

We must, however, ask those who seek to join us to prove their genuineness. There is nothing more common than the infiltrator, the brave young Communist or race-mixer who wants to join a party like Australia First in order to “expose” it.

Leftists really do believe that we are evil and that it is right to disrupt our meetings, disrupt our communications, publish any private remarks we might make that can be portrayed as unkind, ungracious, cruel, cynical, or dishonest. Even Eric Butler of the League of Rights, a hidebound old conservative if ever there was one, was regularly portrayed as a monster of iniquity by the columnist Philip Adams and others.

And ordinary people believe this. It is a human weakness to shy away from the pariah.

It is also a weakness of unpopular people to act as they are expected to act. We have to be constantly on our guard against behaving as our weak compatriots and our philosophical enemies would expect us to act. Obviously we cannot turn ourselves into plaster saints, without human feelings, without the ability to relax. But even when relaxed we must in some sense be on guard, as a soldier in a lonely base must be always on guard.

So we welcome fresh activists, but they have to prove themselves over time. If you want to help, contact a web address, telephone a number, or write to a Party office. You may be invited to a meeting. You will certainly be asked to send money if you can. You will almost certainly be invited to meet someone and begin the process of finding out whether and how you can help the organisation. But don’t expect to meet everyone straight away, and don't come to us looking for thrilling, illegal escapades. If you persist you will almost certainly find friends among your fellow activists, but you won’t find cheap excitement. That is for the other side.

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  1. You should publish the AFP-bank-account on your web-site, so people who like to be anonymous can pay money into your account.