08 December 2013

Australia First – The True Aussie Labour Movement

The Labor leadership ballot between 'All Spin' Albo and 'Machiavelli' Shorten has Labor Party members of Parliament granted 350 times the votes of ordinary working members. Labor’s 86 members of Labor’s Caucus are choosing who is to try to con them back into power perhaps sometime in two or three electoral cycles time.

At least parting Rudd, keen to leave his battered personal legacy and not forgotten, granted the Labor hoi polloi a meager first time privilege to choose a leader.

But who cares who wins?

Labor is a lost cause to its own naval-gazing self-interest and electoral delinquency. So Labor’s hairsplitting today between its notional factional oligarchs can only entrench career self-interest and blind delinquency.

For what?

Why do ordinary working Australians vote for braggart Labor boofheads?

Under Labor teachings, each Labor MP’s vote is worth about 350 rank-and-file votes. This is Labor pure aristocratic put down of its own rank and file. Labor MPs think they have 350 times the rights of ordinary Labor members. Since when did the working class faithful of Labor grant their representatives aristocratic delusions of elitism above their own?

This says it all about Labor’s self-interest over universal suffrage. One man one vote does not resonate with the Australian Labor Party, so which casts it as an irrelevance to Australian society.

Like the misnomer that The Greens have become, supporting instead 50,000 boat illegals, gay marriage, gay adoption of innocent children, and high suicide rates demand lead recovery; Labor is a misnomer as it has no connection to ordinary Australian workers.

The Liberals would prefer the vote was restricted to those with property and wealth, and membership of the Liberal Party.

The spirit of Australian trade union movement is a whimper under the LibLabs and Greens. Labor has abused and infiltrated the unions with its own political career appointees. The Libs condemn unionism to history under their contractor only corporate ideology. PM Abbott’s unconditional Free Trade invitation to China will certainly import dump on Australian markets forcing decent paying Australian workplaces into bankruptcy and their workers on the scrap heap.

Past Liberal PM John Howard could even be set to be remembered as the Aussie Battler’s protector, in stark contrast with Abbott’s corporate greed multinational landscape vision.

From 1788 convicts to 2013 casual contractors, Australian workers have copped slavery through to corporate greed and disposability. From the Castle Hill Rebellion protest for fair conditions and food rations to a week’s annual leave first granted in 1941 to wage indexation in 1975 to occupational health and safety standards in 1999, Australian Unionism has doggedly fought against the self-styled aristocrats.

Australian Unionism in the true apolitical sense exists to uphold the decency of the Australia workplace and its workers.
But corporate-geared LibLabs since Keating have steadily corroded the ability of democratic unionism to uphold Australian workplace decency.

Australian values equate to decent conditions of work for all Australians. A fair day’s work for a fair days pay so the boss can make a fair profit, no more no less, no greedy exploitation, no special treatment.

Australia’s advanced western civilised social standards prohibit child labour, improve worker safety, keep wages decent with inflation so that a decent standard of living is affordable for our unskilled, decent numbers of hours in a work week, provide public education for children, and bring other benefits to working-class families.

Australia is neither Third World slavery nor Hard American Capitalism that callously dumps its own on to the streets. True Australians are fair and reasonable and will trust a man or women of their word. This is traditional Australia and it needs to be what ordinary Australians must continue to fight for. Australia’s forebears have built up Australia into a world class nation. It is not for Australians to lower our standards and betray our history for someone’s socialist "OneWorldist" extremist ideology.

These fundamental ordinary workers’ rights can no longer be found through entrusting the aristocratic Australian Labor Party.

Australia First Party pledges to re-establish the primacy of rights to the ordinary Australians, above and beyond any legal, international or otherwise of all others – corporates and the like.

Australia First Party is a down-to-earth grass roots labour movement.
AFP stands up for the under-valued Aussie worker, the taken-for-granted Aussie mum and her kids, the used and abused Aussie farmer left for dead and the Aussie digger who takes his life in his hands every day in a war not his own. You are not alone Aussie. AFP stands beside you!

Australia First Party Brisbane - 2014

Concluding the National Conference in Sydney earlier this month, Australia First Party has a very clear Line of March for 2014. We will be discussing this and our concerns for Queensland and the emerging Police State at our next branch meeting.

We hereby invite all AFP members to attend, as well as any concerned citizens who wish to learn first-hand about the AFP.

When: Saturday 25th January, 1 - 3 pm
Where: 28 Church Street Fortitude Valley

Until January please have a safe and joyous Christmas and we wish you a blessed and prosperous New Year.

10 October 2013

Australia First Party Brisbane: Rally To The Eureka Flag!



10 September 2013

AFP Brisbane: Ratification Of The 2011 Manifesto

The following statement was approved by the management committee of the party on January 10 2011. It is hereby ratified by the Brisbane branch.

The Australia First Party recognises the dependent nature of the Australian state upon the forces of globalism. Australia is a client state, ruled by a traitor class which is integrated into a transnational network of globalist elites and their economic and political structures. This class would govern Australia as a resources quarry cowed by thought-policing and a secret political police. Australia is further menaced by a new Chinese imperialism that competes with the American face of the New World Order for domination over Asia and the Pacific, with Australia a pawn in the game. The unfolding population / food crisis coupled with New World Order wars launches refugee hordes at Australia’s borders, whilst the traitor class sponsors a mass immigration recolonisation of Australia for the purposes of economic enmeshment with the ‘global economy’. In the world crisis of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, Australia lacks status as an independent country. Indeed, there is the possibility that Australia may disappear by century’s end as a country - and suffer partition by other states.

To rescue our country and our people means removing Australia to a position outside of the chaos of globalism. That means the creation of an independent Australia. To win an independent Australia where political power can be exercised directly by the people, where wealth comes to all who labour and where arms and the initiation and the enforcement of the laws are in the hands of the people, a new force outside of the old parties and their worn-out ideologies and prejudices - has become necessary. This new nationalist movement must now fight and win the struggle for Australia’s national independence. 

It is ultimately necessary to unite all who can be united against the traitor class into a broad patriotic front to achieve Australian national independence. All those parties, groups and trade and community associations which contest the ideology, the politics, the economics and the cultural expressions of globalism, can find common ground against the foreign control and exploitation of Australia. Their uniting thread is the cause of Australian national independence.

The patriotic united front should not be a matter for tomorrow, but a matter of immediacy. United fronts operate in two ways: we predict the ultimate formation of a mass united front in times future, one that will win Australian national independence at a moment when parties and groups, economic and social and cultural associations all bond together in intense struggle. For today, we must build for that future in struggles on a daily basis around all manner of issues; we must wage community campaigns apposite to each Australian group and build unity on the ground. It is mandatory to seek this unity.

The Australia First Party is an incorporation registered as a Federal party. That does not mean that its function is only to contest elections. The party operates to the ‘three tier method’. This means that the party contests elections, wages community campaigns of all sorts to build links with fellow Australians and to unite all Australians - and develops its ideas and principles into an Australianist ideology that also carries on a cultural defence of Australianity against globalisation. The three tiers operate as a unity.
In one sense, the party reaches out to groups of a patriotic nature which may operate to one or another of the three tiers as their individual method. The party seeks to build relationships with such parties and groups and to unite whenever necessary to defend common interests and win common victories. New patriotic groups form either as political, trade, or cultural groups. As Australia descends into chaos, that process is organic.

Australia First Party within the broad Australian patriotic movement seeks to be a vanguard movement. This means that the party struggles to affirm the power of the ideals of Australian identity, independence and freedom, to carry those ideals everywhere, to defend them and preach them with zeal as a veritable Australianism and to inspire all others to tread the path towards the overweening fight for Australian national independence. 
The party states clearly how it would prefer its dealings with other patriotic political organisations to be conducted and what relationships should be developed. 

The Australia First Party recognises that different parties and groups exist for several reasons. These reasons can include: geographic circumstance, particular historical factors, previous organisational histories, the inter-relationships of people and sometimes - internecine struggles that are to be regretted, but which are human nature. 

The Australia First Party declares that it will treat the other political organisations within a patriotic united front in this way: 

1. Negotiate with any would-be candidate to avoid electoral competition; 

2. Assist, when requested, other parties etc. in an electorate or council area where Australia First Party has no candidate;

3. Develop united activist campaigns on public issues or on other fronts, with any party or group - and do this in a consultative and cooperative spirit; 

4. Exchange intelligence on disruptive elements, or state or other programs which undermine the integrity of the patriotic movement; 

5. Avoid all unnecessary, unreasonable comment on other parties and groups, but point out fairly and reasonably, what any differences may be, whenever appropriate; 
The party states clearly how it would prefer its dealings with other patriotic community organisations to be conducted and what relationships should be developed. 
The Australia First Party recognises that different community associations arise for different reasons. Some defend the interests of the Australian productive classes - workers, farmers, small-business or other patriotic working people. Some advance the defence of Australian heritage and identity. Some explain new ideas that can inspire a very different Australia.

The Australia First Party declares that it will treat other organisations that represent the Australian community within a patriotic united front in this way:

1. Build links with each group and attempt to link together each group that all understand and appreciate the role of the party and each other;

2. Assist all in their struggles as requested;

3. Develop united activist campaigns on public issues with each group - and do this in a consultative and cooperative spirit; 

4. Exchange intelligence on disruptive elements, or state or other programs which undermine the integrity of the patriotic movement; 

5. Avoid all unnecessary, unreasonable comment on groups; but point out fairly and reasonably, what any differences may be, whenever appropriate. 
The Australia First Party will always maintain its independence and initiative in any united front arrangement and will act to secure its interests. However, it accepts that the times require a flexible and co-operative attitude. 

Certainly, the goals of the Australia First Party are (i) to unite all nationalist and activist minded people into a single party and then to seek further working arrangements with whatever political forces may thereafter exist for whatever reasons outside of the party's ambit and (ii) to deepen the unity of Australia’s productive classes and their organisations against the traitor class and to create wider unity amongst all those resistance organisations which critique globalisation in ideas and culture.

Indeed, the party's aim is to impose order where we detect diffuseness and to give focus where we note disarray. Nonetheless, the party reasons that such general goals can not be reached by a self-proclamation of virtue. Rather, the party will fight such that its ideological position and political line progressively gain hegemony. It shall do so openly and honestly and by all fair means of discourse. No other organisation should feel anything else than a sense of relief that the position is made clear. 

In the interim, and given that the fair contest of parties and other forces will continue, the Australia First Party has concluded that the only practical way whereby all may learn of each other and build the necessary bonds and links which allow for final unity, is to work confederally to construct a practical unity in struggle. 

The united patriotic front is the requirement to which all should work.

08 September 2013

Australia First Party Brisbane: Invitation From The Chaiman


All AFP members in and around Brisbane and south-east Queensland are invited to attend our next branch meeting.

When: Saturday 28th September, 1 - 4 pm
Where: 28 Church Street Fortitude Valley

I would like to thank all our Queensland members in turning out yesterday to man the booths and in scrutineering the counting of the votes. Even though we didn't win any seats, your contributions are commendable and you do our party a great service.

AFP Brisbane manned booths yesterday in Beaudesert, Shailer Park, Jindalee and Manley. As a relatively unknown party in Queensland, although we didn't cop a great deal of negativity, we were perhaps disregarded by many voters who would have voted for us if only they knew who we are and what we stand for.

To address this AFP Brisbane plans to embark on a 'Get to Know Us' publicity campaign in south east Queensland wherein we will get amongst the community key events to hand out policy brochures and be available to answer questions. This activity is critical for the growth of our party which will enable us to contest elections and attract more votes and support.

31 August 2013

Don't Sell Australia Out

by Chris Long

When the shearing sheds are silent and the stock camps fallen quiet

When the gidgee coals no longer glow across the outback night

And the bush is forced to hang a sign, ‘gone broke and won’t be back’

And spirits fear to find a way beyond the beaten track

When harvesters stand derelict upon the wind swept plains

And brave hearts pin their hopes no more on chance of loving rains

When a hundred outback settlements are ghost towns overnight

When we’ve lost the drive and heart we had to once more see us right

When ‘Pioneer’ means a stereo and ‘Digger’ some backhoe

And the ‘Outback’ is behind the house. there’s nowhere else to go

And ‘Anzac’ is a biscuit brand and probably foreign owned

And education really means brainwashed and neatly cloned

When you have to bake a loaf of bread to make a decent crust

And our heritage once enshrined in gold is crumbling to dust

And old folk pay their camping fees on land for which they fought

And fishing is a great escape; that is until you’re caught

When you see our kids with yankee caps and resentment in their eyes

And the soaring crime and hopeless hearts is no longer a surprise

When the name of RM Williams is a yuppie clothing brand

Not a product of our heritage that grew off the land

When offering a hand makes people think you’ll amputate

And two dogs meeting in the street is what you call a ‘Mate’

When ‘Political Correctness’ has replaced all common sense

When you’re forced to see it their way, there’s no sitting on the fence

Yes one day you might find yourself an outcast in this land

Perhaps your heart will tell you then, ‘ I should have made a stand’

Just go and ask the farmers that should remove all doubt

Then join the swelling ranks who say, ‘ Don’t sell Australia out’.

27 August 2013

Australia First Party Brisbane: Objectives

AFP Brisbane Objective 1: Inauguration and Federal Election

Following its inauguration in August 2013, AFP Brisbane will support AFP Queensland candidates for the 2013 Federal Election by distributing campaign fliers and manning polling booths on election day in key areas throughout the west, south and east of Brisbane.

AFP Brisbane Objective 2: "Get To Know Us" Campaign

Following the September 2013 Federal Election, AFP Brisbane will embark on a public relations campaign to make ourselves known in the Brisbane area.
Starting in mid September and running into early-mid 2014 our primary agenda will be to get to know the public and to share our political views through frank, honest discussion. AFP Brisbane will achieve this goal in four ways:
  1. By talking to people in our every day lives, never forgetting that each of us are ambassadors of the AFP.
  2. By turning out in strength (in party colours) at any protests or rallies regarding key issues vital to the future of Australia and the people.
  3. By hosting informal BBQs to which we can invite friends, family (including children), party supporters and anybody who is interested in asking questions &/or joining the party.
  4. By attending (in party colours) important national celebrations, most significantly Australia Day and the Anzac Day march.

AFP Brisbane Objective 3: Combating The Left

AFP Brisbane will take a keen interest in all left-wing socialist protest &/or activist public activities.
AFP Brisbane will make it our mission to remove, obscure or cover any socialist propaganda (such as posters, graffiti, etc) defacing Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.
AFP Brisbane will make it our purpose to turn-out in strength to peacefully counter-march against left-wing rallies/marches. AFP Brisbane will advise Queensland Police that we are legally doing so and will video-record all proceedings for legal purposes and for posterity.

23 August 2013

Our True Heroes

They were the ones that could smell and taste the blood, smell the cordite, hear the screams of pain in the dark. They were the ones that put their lives on the line to keep our country free for the coming generations. They are the ones now that have been abandoned by both of the major parties whilst the politicians suck massive amounts of money out of our system in superannuation and other benefits. Politicians that have failed us and our country but still reward themselves whilst our ex-service people, some who gave their lives for us, and their widows and widowers do it hard. For God’s sake these people went to war to keep this country free, to insure that you would have a lifestyle that is near perfect but for a few hiccups. We have to look after these people first and foremost. We have to insure that they have what they earned, what they deserve. They need to have the comforts of life without the stresses that are being put on them by government not passing on rises in costs of living expenses. You and we have to insist that our ex-service people, their spouses or widows or widowers are treated as our heroes. They are true heroes not some football player that kicks a football around for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Our real heroes, the ones that fought for our country, died for our country, tried to keep our country free, only to see their own governments sell them out and allow our country to be sold off or invaded by illegals. The ones that came home with problems that they obtained from fighting and dying for our country. I along with our team of people from Australia First will make a commitment to insure that our heroes of the past and future are looked after. Our Soldiers, our Sailors, Army, Navy and Air Force and their widows/ widowers and families are treated fairly and with respect. I will push for all of their pensions to be restored to a fair level and to have all CPI increases passed on. We have a team for the Lower house and people for the Senate and we will bring Australia back to her former glory and we will look after our true heroes, heroes like the ones I met today at the RSL home village. From myself, I personally say thank you for your sacrifice.

Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party
0408 458 232
Mineral and Mine Movers transport

16 August 2013

Peter Schuback: A Statement on the Refugee Question

Some people have made comments in regards to my stand on refugees that are invading our country. Some have put forward the argument that they are just poor people trying to escape their own countries.
And yes they are trying to escape their own countries. But refugees they are not, they are opportunists that are invading our country for economic gain.
A true refugee has nothing, they have usually been in some disgusting camp with none of their possessions for many years and they have no money.
The ones that are coming here have money and in some cases lots of it. They pay for air flights and then somewhere to stay whilst they travel from their country of origin to get to Australia and pay up to and sometimes well above $ 20,000 per head to get on some leaky boat to travel here. How many true refugees carry near-new laptop computers?
How many even have a passport to throw overboard when they get to Australia.
When these invaders get here they have to be processed by our Navy first and foremost and then they have to be accommodated. They get given health care cards, they get given money, they get given a place to live and most go straight on the dole.
Some have many diseases like aids and TB that creates and extra burden on our health care system and that put the Australian people that have paid taxes all their lives further down the waiting list.
How many of you have walked into a Centrelink office and walked out with the same benefits that these illegal invaders get?
So my comments to stop these people from coming here was to put them straight back on a plane and send them back to where they came from without passports so they can neither enter their own countries nor re-invade ours. It is harsh but we need to send a message to these people that they will not be accepted in our country and we have to stop kissing the arse of the UNITED NATIONS. This is Australia. It is our country and we will invite who we want and not accept any more of the world's scum with their crazy religions and attitudes that we owe them and that do not respect us or our way of life.
Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party Queensland 0408458232

10 August 2013

One Nation Queensland Refuses To Preference Australia First And Calls Us A “Racist” Party

The Australia First Party Senate team led by Peter Schuback was more than pleased to have Jim Savage, One Nation Queensland tough man, denounce us as a “racist party” and decline to grant us Senate preferences.

We have waited a long while for One Nation to come out into the open.

One Nation likes to pretend things in front of the public and mislead as to its position but now it gets down to tick-tacks.

Australia First party had correspondence with One Nation and other words have passed between us and now these words have come from Mr. Savage. So we say to our supporters and voters, the following:

If it is “racist” to advocate an utter end to refugee migration, well and good.

One Nation, despite certain words, does not advocate a total end to refugee migration. They advocate “offshore processing” for “genuine” refugees.

If it is “racist” to demand that the refugee hordes that have entered Australia since say the time Mrs. Hanson went into Parliament, well and good.

One Nation has refused to say that it wants these people sent home, with our goodwill and assistance.

If it is “racist” to say that the Nation is a European one and that we oppose the ethnic cleansing of our people, well and good.

One Nation has been remarketing itself as a party of universal assimilation.

Whatever it was Pauline Hanson and One Nation were years ago – they certainly are not now.

This party is a sham.

Although we accept that many Australians do not know this and may not approve of our words, we have seen many former One Nation members move into Australia First precisely for that reason.

In this election and in the political struggles in the community and at the street level, Australia First will push One Nation off whatever common territory there may be between the two parties.

Thank you Jim Savage for ‘despising’ us (sic). If it is “racist” to put Australia and Australians first – and we suppose that can only mean “white” people first – then we are happy to leave One Nation far behind.

Australia First Party Declines To Preference One Nation: What The ‘Mike Holt Affair’ Has Taught Us.

Australia First Party Senate candidate Peter Schuback has advised that the party cannot direct preferences to One Nation.

The recent ‘Mike Holt affair’, where a One Nation candidate came to fame last week after he issued some stickers criticising Islam and claimed that a “Halal tax” operated on foodstuffs which would go to fund terrorism – was the catalyst for free-speaking on our part.

The sad Mike Holt inspired a Brisbane girl who placed the stickers upon food products in a supermarket; she was arrested for creating a food-safety panic. Naturally, Holt first abandoned her. But then, the party adopted her and made her a candidate (something she was unwise to accept) and then abandoned her again.

The whole issue ran deeper than some stickers about Islam.

The affair had useful fallout and has highlighted the crucial difference between Australia First Party and One Nation and why the parties are now struggling over actual political space, that gap which allows some sort of pro Australian party to claim the loyalty of voters and activists. It is not any matter of personalities, but one of fundamental ideas.

Peter Schuback said:

“One Nation is not a nationalist party; they are some type of conservative group. They voice people’s concerns but advance only open-ended slogans and have promised to side with the Liberal Party if elected. They are a safety valve, not a challenge to the system. Conservatism cannot win the fight for Australian independence, nor guarantee the actual ethnic survival of our Australian People in the emerging multi-racial mess. Indeed, conservatism isn’t designed to do that. In this election and afterwards, we will fight One Nation over the terrain and push them off. We will work harder to disintegrate One Nation, winning over any sincere people and consigning the leadership back to the LNP where they belong.”

Of course, One Nation’s playing on the danger of Islam is easy. Yes, Islam represents a crass challenge to Australian identity and lifestyle and Muslim activists and their culture are a visible issue. We are opposed to any presence of Islam on Australian soil. However, there are those who jump on the matter of Islam to hide their actual agenda on immigration.

Even so, Holt let the cat out by saying that there are good Moslems who can “assimilate” and “integrate”. Then, what is his real point? Is it pure cowardice that prevents One Nation from standing behind their words? If multiculturalism is bad, if Islam is a problem, that’s it. Clearly, it is not the coward Holt’s position. Holt said:

"We have welcomed all comers, including the latest surge of immigrants from Islamic countries. However, many Australians are beginning to regret accepting the Islamic influx.  The Muslim people in general are friendly and willing to integrate. Unfortunately, a small section of Islamic hard line radicals are spoiling that image for the majority.”

What is Holt’s gibberish? Essentially Holt welcomes Islamic migration. We are not concerned with “hardline radicals”. We are concerned with all of it.

Australia First Party says that the Australian People have not welcomed “all comers”, nor any “latest surge”.

When challenged that he was a “racist”, Holt told the media: “I am married to a Thai….. How could I be a racist?”

Indeed. There lies a major problem with One Nation.

If Australia First Party had the choice of accepting as members a thousand ‘racists’ or a thousand Mike Holts with their wives from Thailand – we’d take the racists every time. At least they’d have 95% of the story right. The Mike Holts seem to have a bizarre view that some type of sexual assimilation is the vision of the future. If that is so, then one wonders why they don’t join LNP? Mr. Holt is not alone in his special ‘choice’. The One Nation Senate candidate Jim Savage made the same choice.

Peter Schuback said “I question what sort of national identity for Australia is being espoused by this party. I ask where went the ’Australia is being swamped by Asians’ of Hanson’s parliamentary speech of 1996? It seems now each One Nation leader’s bed is a swamp and each has its Asian wife. Strange. I know what Rudyard Kipling said about certain true love matches on the way to Mandalay - but I don’t think One Nation fits the bill.”

Mr. Holt said: "We do believe in immigration and integration. If immigrants can't come here, fit in and become Australian citizens, we don't want them here.”

Which immigrants? European ones? Middle Eastern ones? Asian ones? Does One Nation advocate some sort of universal racial fusion program? If One Nation believes in immigration, can their commitment to any sort of restrictive program be accepted? Australia First asks One Nation to specify. What do you mean? In fact, we believe we know exactly what they mean. Yet, getting them to say it, other than in coded terms is very hard. Can they now just spell it out? It is an important question going to the heart of the debate on immigration, multiculturalism. One Nation tries to avoid our questions, but we are hard on their trail.

Many Australia First members were members of One Nation. They won’t be returning. Something changed in Hanson and in One Nation.

Australia now has a real nationalist party. People looking for the genuine article need look no further.

In the forthcoming election, there will be no Australia First Party ‘preferences’ for One Nation, just harsh criticism. Their game is over.

01 August 2013

Petition to Stop Canberra's Latest Money Grab

Australia First Senate candidate Peter Schuback is currently circulating a petition against the plan to introduce GST on fresh fruit and vegetables.

We need to send a loud and clear message to Canberra against this plan which would only hurt struggling Aussie families at a time when most are doing it very tough.

To add your voice to the chorus of opposition, download the petition, print and sign (get as many others to sign as you can too) and when you're done, whether the page is full or not, post to the address indicated.

To download, right-click on: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22768492/PetitionAustraliaFirst.pdf and select 'save link as' or similar (depending on your browser).

05 June 2013

Australia First for the Queensland Senate

Australia First Party has proudly secured an ‘above the line’ ticket for the Queensland Senate in the 2013 Federal Election.
Our Senate Ticket is led by Mr. Peter Schuback, 66, a veteran leader of the proud truck drivers’ struggle and a long time member of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ and Drivers’ Association.

Peter Schuback

Peter Schuback

Vote One:  Queensland Senate

Proud Queenslander born and bred, Pete Schuback, invites all truck drivers across Queensland to join Australia First’s cause in solidarity for ordinary Queenslanders struggling to keep their homes and families.
We challenge Campbell Newman and his rich party’s taxing and unfair persecution of struggling Queensland truckies and to take a stand against Newman’s austerity regulations.  Rich, big ego Newman is imposing massive new truckie fines only for his own undemocratic revenue raising.
But Pete Schuback is taking a personal stand against Newman on this.
Schuback has political experience and clout, being a local government candidate for Australia First, polling 20% in Hervey Bay last year.  Schuback made his debut as an Australia First Party candidate in 2010 running for the Australian Senate and securing nearly 10,000 on the back of just a truckie’s income.
Schuback, pissed off with government in Brisbane, directed a letter of outrage to a number of Queensland local and regional papers where it was published several times (mentioning his status with the party and his candidature), quote:
“Over the years we have had politicians who have promised us the world and gave us more in taxes.”
Fly Australian Flag

Peter Schuback’s Senate Campaign:

“Our country has had its manufacturing industries decimated,  our farming industries have been  just about destroyed.
We as a nation have given away billions of dollars in overseas aid, whilst our own people have gone without (our disabled , our homeless , our mentally ill  and our pensioners have all been treated worse than second class and this has to stop.
We need to change the way our politicians think and we need a new set of fresh faces in politics; fresh thinkers who will work for Australia and Australians FIRST.
We need to take a fresh look at our tax system and make it so everyone that makes a dollar in Australia pays a fair amount of tax and that every dollar is taxed.
We need to look at crime and the ways to prevent it. We need to look at how the courts dish out penalties.  We need to set down a system of rules that the courts follow when giving out sentences so people know that if they steal from you and are caught they will do a minimum amount of time in a prison.
We need to also put persons that are sentenced to prison terms into programs that will give them the chance to learn (Apprenticeships whilst in prison). Give these people the
knowledge and ability to be able to have trades that will allow them to contribute to society in a positive way.
  • We need to insure that Australians are looked after first and foremost and that our people come first on the world stage; we as a country cannot afford to give away our wealth
  • We must put our people first as far as social services are concerned.
  • We need to protect our natural resources for the future. (Once they are gone they are gone)
  • We need to value add to our natural resources.
  • We need to look after our primary industries so that we as Australians can feed the world.
  • We need to put the brakes on immigration and stop the possible over population of Australia.
  • We need to protect our fishing industries and we need to insure that our fish stocks will be able to feed our people 100 years into the future.”
The Australian Flag
So when you look at voting in the next elections look to people that will take on board some or all of these suggestions to protect Australia and Australians first and foremost.
The party has nominated Peter Watson, 21, as number two man on the ticket. Peter was born in Charleville in 1992 and moved to Warwick 1994. Initially, in a Labor family, Peter
was interested in following its principles and when the Warwick ALP branch was formed in 2008, he was elected Vice President.
In 2011, he was elected Branch Secretary. It was Peter’s connection to Labor that caused a scandal for ‘Captain’ Bligh in the 2012 State election when he was endorsed by the
Labor Party as the Southern Downs candidate at the 2012 State Election.
He was dis-endorsed early in the election period after he spoke out against Labor’s anti working class position on privatisation, industrial relations, immigration and other social
issues, Indeed, the nationalists in Australia First counted on Peter being the official Labor candidate after the close of nominations when it was calculated he would be inevitably dis-endorsed, thus allowing him to campaign in a way that reflected what the original Labor Party was about.
Peter was expelled from the ALP and joined Australia First Party after the State Election.
Peter WatsonMr Peter Watson
Australia First’s number 2 for the Queensland Senate

The Australia First Party campaign is designed to raise the profile of the party and recruit new members. It is our intention to supplant the reactionary One Nation party as the
patriotic party in Queensland politics (the position this party has long abandoned) and begin the process of sliding the working class and farmer groups aligned to Katter’s Australian Party towards Australia First after the poll.
A campaign has been designed and is already under way.
Australia First Party calls all patriotic people to donate whatever they can to Australia First’s campaign for Australia’s 2013 Federal Election: all donations from $2 to $1500 are tax deductible.
Australia First Party calls for funding:
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11 March 2013

Katter...enough is enough...!!!!!

Bob Katter is part of the longstanding mainstream political elite who have stuffed this country completely. He sat on the cross benches as an independent for several decades decrying political parties as the spawn of the devil ... then as a swansong, on the brink of retirement and a massive golden handshake as an independent, he creates ... wait for it ... a ... Political Party. A bit late in any political career to start getting good ideas, especially when he has been in the parliament as long as he has just warming a seat. His actions are designed to split the nationalist vote and to scuttle the vote that would go a real Australian Nationalist party such as Australia First and to render their vote ineffective so the Libs/Nats can win without a substantial portion of the vote going to a smaller emerging party (other than one that is under the control of the old elite). This ensures that the big boys don't have to recognise the otherwise successful emerging parties and can ignore them and their supporters as "electorally irrelevant". Australia First has been engaged in a real political struggle piecing together a party with a real Nationalist agenda for the real Australian people ... along come people like Katter and they get the immediate support of the media (which is continually denied us) and the support of the gullible public, who, if they support Katter and Co will, end up as disillusioned as previous One Nation supporters are today, when the wheels finally fall of the Katter party. Katter himself will retire soon, and I am always very, very suspect of anyone who would have the ego large enough to name a political party after himself (his son as well). Katter is not fair dinkum ... he wants to "populate" northern Australia ... can we ask where the people to do this will come from ... Asia, I am sure. He also wants to give 25% of Australia over to Aborigines. A good gesture I am sure, but it's not his to give and splitting Australia is not Uniting Australia. Katter is a clever plant by the old guard political elite to ensure that real Nationalist Parties don't get too successful. We need to see right through him. Be careful, as Clive Palmer is probably waiting in the wings to do the much the same thing.

05 March 2013

Letter: Two Children Dead

Dear Editor
Quite a ruckus has been stirred up over the latest civilian killings in Afghanistan. Australian troops have been mentioned as possibly being involved in the incident. There will be the inevitable enquiry as to what happened. But will we be told the truth?
You can’t fight a war without there being causalities. WW2, Korea, and Vietnam saw many 100s of 1000s if not millions of civilians killed. We can all lament war and wish for peace but the only solution to Australian troops being involved in these incidents is to bring the troops home at once, and let the Afghanistan national government run their own war.
Australia is planning to disengage from the war by 2014 and obviously Aussie troops aren’t too keen on being a causality of this no- win-war, and if they shoot first and ask questions later; who can blame them.
Unfortunately, there will be other wars and more civilian AND military deaths. Until nation states revamp their foreign policies these incidents will continue to happen.
Jay Nauss,
Glen Aplin Qld.

28 January 2013

Vale: Nick Maine

Your humble scribe only met Nick once, at the very last Inverell Forum.

But, like everyone in the nationalist scene, yours truly was regularly in receipt of Nick's news, information, rants, solicitations and, perhaps most importantly, his incisive, inciteful and occasionally obscene observations on "life, the universe, and everything".

Anyone with half a brain (and I'm sure Nick suspected that was all any of us had) knew that he was on borrowed time.  Indeed, he had been on borrowed time for many years.

Now, he is gone.

This author didn't know him well enough to call him a friend.  But Nick Maine was a true friend to all nationalists.  Many he never met, and many he never knew existed -- but we all knew him.

The emails were relentless, as were the continual calls to action and the ever-present sub-text: what the bloody hell are you lot doing about it?

Goodbye, Nick.

We will give the bastards hell, just like you told us to.

04 January 2013

A Reply to Che Guevara

by Paul Rackemann: reflections on Che Guevara's pamphlet on the development of cadres, reprinted by the Sons of Kokoda, and distributed by the Australia First Party.

     One must remember that military men are in some respects different from men of peace, and the relationships within a Communist organisation are in some respects different from the relationships between free members of a voluntary organisation in a society that is not actually in the throes of armed conflict.
     Comrade Guevara appears to be looking down on his revolutionary group from above. He also assumes responsibility for an entire aspect of society that we can leave alone, i.e. economic production.
     As long as we allow the existence of a stable money system and do not interfere unnecessarily in the affairs of commercial firms, we can confidently expect them to provide for the economic wants of our community. That is one enormous group of cadres we shall not have to train.
     He blathers on about "errors" which are only to be expected when a bunch of soldiers, ignorant of the principles of economics, and equally ignorant of the particular technical knowledge of every industry which can only be known by those actively engaged in it, blithely take command and start issuing orders. He is also, of course, worried about the inevitable development of a class of officers or officials who, having acquired power and some degree of expertise, begin to settle into their positions and make themselves comfortable.
     From what I can recall, Trotsky blathered on about these sorts of "errors" as well.
     Che's romantic ideas about the development of cadres, in special schools mind you, fall down because he and his professors are all working from mistaken assumptions. He shows a childlike belief in the great modern god, Education, which will fail like all the other gods, because it focusses on doctrine and tries to fight reality.
     We as nationalists are not fighting the better aspect of human nature. We are certainly fighting the craven compulsion to conform to the corrupt doctrines of a treacherous ruling elite. We are not fighting the economic instincts of man, which lead to self-interested economic efforts and the existence of a range of large and small economic units specialising in various parts of the productive process. We may be fighting the political power of large economic units, which seek to create a homogenous, non-white market which they can exploit. We are certainly fighting the enormous industry of deception, which calls itself education and the media, and which ties large numbers of rather silly and dishonest people to a depraved doctrine, which they must pass on to get their wages.
     We may need to "develop cadres," as Che says, but we don't need to do it in the way he envisages. We mostly need to develop people with an immunity to the corrupt doctrines of the Establishment, an ability to think without being frightened by the programming so thoroughly inculcated by the scum in authority. We don't need to create superhumans, as Che thinks he does: we simply need to create free minds. Minds that are free will not willingly co-operate in their own destruction by the relatives of man.