10 August 2013

One Nation Queensland Refuses To Preference Australia First And Calls Us A “Racist” Party

The Australia First Party Senate team led by Peter Schuback was more than pleased to have Jim Savage, One Nation Queensland tough man, denounce us as a “racist party” and decline to grant us Senate preferences.

We have waited a long while for One Nation to come out into the open.

One Nation likes to pretend things in front of the public and mislead as to its position but now it gets down to tick-tacks.

Australia First party had correspondence with One Nation and other words have passed between us and now these words have come from Mr. Savage. So we say to our supporters and voters, the following:

If it is “racist” to advocate an utter end to refugee migration, well and good.

One Nation, despite certain words, does not advocate a total end to refugee migration. They advocate “offshore processing” for “genuine” refugees.

If it is “racist” to demand that the refugee hordes that have entered Australia since say the time Mrs. Hanson went into Parliament, well and good.

One Nation has refused to say that it wants these people sent home, with our goodwill and assistance.

If it is “racist” to say that the Nation is a European one and that we oppose the ethnic cleansing of our people, well and good.

One Nation has been remarketing itself as a party of universal assimilation.

Whatever it was Pauline Hanson and One Nation were years ago – they certainly are not now.

This party is a sham.

Although we accept that many Australians do not know this and may not approve of our words, we have seen many former One Nation members move into Australia First precisely for that reason.

In this election and in the political struggles in the community and at the street level, Australia First will push One Nation off whatever common territory there may be between the two parties.

Thank you Jim Savage for ‘despising’ us (sic). If it is “racist” to put Australia and Australians first – and we suppose that can only mean “white” people first – then we are happy to leave One Nation far behind.


  1. We happen to see Pauline Hanson on the Sunrise
    programme today. Pauline mentioned South Africa
    and taking refugees from there. Was she talking
    about Black Africans or was she speaking about
    the white Dutch/Afrikaans who are living in South Africa in squatter camps in dire poverty?
    A lot of them have lost their jobs and become
    "displaced". The BBC were shocked to see what
    conditons they are living in. The title of
    their story is "Do White People Have a Future
    in South Africa?" The answer is No. Of course,
    the corrupt United Nations don't see these
    people as refugees? I am wondering whether you
    could ask Ms. Hanson to clarify her positon on
    her comments.

  2. Calling people "racists" and other names,
    just shows how they really want to silence
    the majority of concerned citizens.
    We will not be 'silenced' anymore.
    We are still waiting for Pauline Hanson
    to clarify her position on her comments
    made about South Africa.