23 August 2013

Our True Heroes

They were the ones that could smell and taste the blood, smell the cordite, hear the screams of pain in the dark. They were the ones that put their lives on the line to keep our country free for the coming generations. They are the ones now that have been abandoned by both of the major parties whilst the politicians suck massive amounts of money out of our system in superannuation and other benefits. Politicians that have failed us and our country but still reward themselves whilst our ex-service people, some who gave their lives for us, and their widows and widowers do it hard. For God’s sake these people went to war to keep this country free, to insure that you would have a lifestyle that is near perfect but for a few hiccups. We have to look after these people first and foremost. We have to insure that they have what they earned, what they deserve. They need to have the comforts of life without the stresses that are being put on them by government not passing on rises in costs of living expenses. You and we have to insist that our ex-service people, their spouses or widows or widowers are treated as our heroes. They are true heroes not some football player that kicks a football around for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Our real heroes, the ones that fought for our country, died for our country, tried to keep our country free, only to see their own governments sell them out and allow our country to be sold off or invaded by illegals. The ones that came home with problems that they obtained from fighting and dying for our country. I along with our team of people from Australia First will make a commitment to insure that our heroes of the past and future are looked after. Our Soldiers, our Sailors, Army, Navy and Air Force and their widows/ widowers and families are treated fairly and with respect. I will push for all of their pensions to be restored to a fair level and to have all CPI increases passed on. We have a team for the Lower house and people for the Senate and we will bring Australia back to her former glory and we will look after our true heroes, heroes like the ones I met today at the RSL home village. From myself, I personally say thank you for your sacrifice.

Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party
0408 458 232
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