16 August 2013

Peter Schuback: A Statement on the Refugee Question

Some people have made comments in regards to my stand on refugees that are invading our country. Some have put forward the argument that they are just poor people trying to escape their own countries.
And yes they are trying to escape their own countries. But refugees they are not, they are opportunists that are invading our country for economic gain.
A true refugee has nothing, they have usually been in some disgusting camp with none of their possessions for many years and they have no money.
The ones that are coming here have money and in some cases lots of it. They pay for air flights and then somewhere to stay whilst they travel from their country of origin to get to Australia and pay up to and sometimes well above $ 20,000 per head to get on some leaky boat to travel here. How many true refugees carry near-new laptop computers?
How many even have a passport to throw overboard when they get to Australia.
When these invaders get here they have to be processed by our Navy first and foremost and then they have to be accommodated. They get given health care cards, they get given money, they get given a place to live and most go straight on the dole.
Some have many diseases like aids and TB that creates and extra burden on our health care system and that put the Australian people that have paid taxes all their lives further down the waiting list.
How many of you have walked into a Centrelink office and walked out with the same benefits that these illegal invaders get?
So my comments to stop these people from coming here was to put them straight back on a plane and send them back to where they came from without passports so they can neither enter their own countries nor re-invade ours. It is harsh but we need to send a message to these people that they will not be accepted in our country and we have to stop kissing the arse of the UNITED NATIONS. This is Australia. It is our country and we will invite who we want and not accept any more of the world's scum with their crazy religions and attitudes that we owe them and that do not respect us or our way of life.
Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party Queensland 0408458232



  2. These people are Illegal immigrants nothing more, they have already been given asylum by Indonesia, but then pay to get on a boat. They have in my opinion lost their refugee status.There needs to be a clear message to these people who want to rort the Australia taxpayer. Australia needs to abolish it's stand on refugee's by terminating it's agreement with the UN. I believe we have only a 10 ten year time frame to reverse this trend otherwise, Australia will follow the spectre of Rodesia and South Africa.

  3. We do agree and as Aussies who went to live
    and work in Rhodesia and then South Africa
    back in the 1970's, we saw dreadful things
    happen to our kin in Rhodesia and now taking
    place in South Africa. I have been asking
    questions why does Mugabe's Family now reside
    in Australia? These thugs we knew would turn
    Rhodesia into a basketcase. It is time that
    The Labor/Liberal Party let the Aussie people
    know why these "thugs" are now living in
    Australia and our kin are not being accepted
    into Australia. There is certainly a very
    nasty agenda going on here against us.

  4. I so agree with the above posts... This current invasion is going to have a dramatic impact on the social cohesion of this once great nation. A great number of these boat people do not assimulate in our society and don't intend to. Over 90% of boat people remain on welfare after 5 years. So its likely that they will remain on benefits for the rest of their lives. How can a country move forward in a prosperous and productive way when this aggressive and selfish sense of entitlement rules the day? I have no doubt that they will bring their rioting mentality and dysfunctional sicknesses to our shores in the future when things don't go their way. Their behaviour is not due to their circumstances, it's how they ARE. I dread the future for our children. The freedoms in this country is fading fast and majority of the masses have no bloody clue whats awaits them if nothing is done. Some Australian born citizens say we have no culture here but I think it is our freedom and liberties that form a big part of our culture,which is priceless,and yet the majority of young people do not see it disappearing before their eyes. They are simply taking it for granted. Thomas Jefferson once said "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" He believed democracy was fragile and required careful safe keeping. To do otherwise, it would simply disappear. Just my thoughts :) Thank you Australia First for your efforts!