28 January 2013

Vale: Nick Maine

Your humble scribe only met Nick once, at the very last Inverell Forum.

But, like everyone in the nationalist scene, yours truly was regularly in receipt of Nick's news, information, rants, solicitations and, perhaps most importantly, his incisive, inciteful and occasionally obscene observations on "life, the universe, and everything".

Anyone with half a brain (and I'm sure Nick suspected that was all any of us had) knew that he was on borrowed time.  Indeed, he had been on borrowed time for many years.

Now, he is gone.

This author didn't know him well enough to call him a friend.  But Nick Maine was a true friend to all nationalists.  Many he never met, and many he never knew existed -- but we all knew him.

The emails were relentless, as were the continual calls to action and the ever-present sub-text: what the bloody hell are you lot doing about it?

Goodbye, Nick.

We will give the bastards hell, just like you told us to.


  1. Yes, we remember reading some of Nick Maine's
    comments in our local newspaper. He
    certainly was a fine person, concerned about
    the "political correctness", that has been
    manipulating our political system for far
    too long. "Freedom of Speech Means Freedom To
    Disagree" with our Far Leftie Political
    Correctness Masters. We will not be silenced
    anymore by these dreadful people. RIP Nick.

  2. In W.A. we had letters in the West Aussie
    Newspaper published from Nick Maine from Queensland.
    If I send you a copy of the letter published
    on the 27th October,2001. Could you please
    re-print it. It just shows how they are
    selling us out more and more in the year
    2013. Still trying to silence concerned
    citizens by name calling, the usual names,
    which we are all aware of,and we won't
    wear this abuse anymore.

    1. Absolutely, please do send this letter. If you have an electronic copy, please send it to afq-blog@hotmail.com; otherwise please post to PO Box 893 Rockhampton Qld 4700. Thanks!