05 March 2013

Letter: Two Children Dead

Dear Editor
Quite a ruckus has been stirred up over the latest civilian killings in Afghanistan. Australian troops have been mentioned as possibly being involved in the incident. There will be the inevitable enquiry as to what happened. But will we be told the truth?
You can’t fight a war without there being causalities. WW2, Korea, and Vietnam saw many 100s of 1000s if not millions of civilians killed. We can all lament war and wish for peace but the only solution to Australian troops being involved in these incidents is to bring the troops home at once, and let the Afghanistan national government run their own war.
Australia is planning to disengage from the war by 2014 and obviously Aussie troops aren’t too keen on being a causality of this no- win-war, and if they shoot first and ask questions later; who can blame them.
Unfortunately, there will be other wars and more civilian AND military deaths. Until nation states revamp their foreign policies these incidents will continue to happen.
Jay Nauss,
Glen Aplin Qld.

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