20 November 2011

Australia First State Meeting -- Update

Readers of this blog may be aware that a State Meeting for the Australia First Party is scheduled for:

9:45am - 4pm on Saturday 3rd December

Some readers and supporters will naturally wish to attend and have asked for full details to be published.

After discussing the matter with the organisers, the decision of the Party is that for security reasons (at least one threat has been received already) the venue of the meeting should not be published on the blog.

Members should have already received a flier with all the necessary details. However it is certainly not our intention that this meeting should be "members only". Far from it. We want as many as possible to attend, but we must also be careful and therefore anyone wishing to attend the meeting needs to be either a guest of a member or must contact us directly. You will understand that we will not be able to give this information to simply anyone who asks, but those who are "known to us" will certainly be assisted. All subscribers to this blog who subscribed before today will receive a personal notice shortly.

For details regarding the venue, please contact: afpqld@hotmail.com

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