15 December 2011

The Globalising Order, Once Again, Teeters On The Edge Of Collapse

Editor's Note: the following was published in an internal document in November; while events described are not now so recent as when this was written, the information contained here is still of significance and accordingly is reproduced here in its original form.
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Dr. Jim Saleam
The pathetic spectacle of Julia Gillard telling the G 20 Nations Summit to get tough on certain European countries in order to salvage globalist capitalism was worse than a case of the mouse that roared. It was also an example of the fear that has gripped the little sister of the leaders of the so-called western world.  All is not well in the fairytale ledger books of the bankers and the multinationals. Like three years ago, the system now teeters again on the edge of collapse.
The big alarm was sounded as the Greek state, facing bankruptcy, might default on its financial obligations. Obligations? And if Greece defaults, the Italy, then Spain, just as Ireland and Iceland all but did last year and the year before.
For the ignorant in their McMansions in suburban Australia, all this is far away and hard to understand. Yet, some Australians do understand – some business-people pushed to the wall by overseas competition, some farmers pushed off their land by the mining multinationals, towns threatened with water takeovers, students threatened by overseas student influxes. All these things are part of globalisation and some Australians have taken the road of resistance. Still, the great mass do not understand. Experience teaches and it is sure to show that the big tale of permanent economic progress and expansion in a globalised economy is also one big lie. It was an evil lie too that has killed off our farms, factories, and businesses and endangered our heritage as Australians. McMansion land opted out of it all for the dollars. These folk are our people too, even if we can be more than a little unhappy with their indolence or their self-interested greed, their veritable resignation from being Australian.
Right now, eyes are riveted on Greece.
For those of us who are students of politics, Greece presents an interesting model. The borders are cracking open and immigrant criminals flood the streets. If you resist you are called by the alien media a “far right extremist”. Unemployment rises. People don’t get paid. Businesses fold and anarchists try to incite street riots. The government rules by threats of force. All parties reveal themselves as parties of the regime, all bow to globalist money.
Into the maelstrom has come the Greek party ‘Golden Dawn’. I publish here an extract from a Greek newsmagazine. This is what is coming for Australia. For my part I wish the Greek party Golden Dawn the political victory they deserve:
“In July, reports in the Greek press citing information by the police and E.U. border-control organization FRONTEX revealed that neighbouring Turkey is about to release approximately 10,000 Asian illegal immigrants that were apprehended in Turkey en route to the European Union via the Greek-Turkish borders. Since the issue of unconstrained immigration from Asia has become a focal theme in Greece and in conjunction with the recession in the economy, these reports alarmed quite a few pundits that predict a "hot winter" within the Greek urban centres, due to the further increase of illegal aliens in the country lacking employment and shelter.
Dr. Nestor Kourakis, professor of criminology in Athens, in a recent university survey revealed the extent by which criminal rates have affected the daily lives of Athenian citizens. According to the survey, 85.1 percent of the residents in the centre of the city have been victimized by criminal action, and 76 percent state that they are afraid to live in their neighbourhoods. Moreover, 70 percent state that the police cannot do anything to assist them, and more than 50 percent say they should take the law into their own hands. The statistics reveal a situation that contains elements of social implosion not far away. The vast majority of the participants in the survey blame illegal immigration as the primarily factor for the criminal rates.
Far-right groups started patrolling in certain regions in Athens, the most notable one named "Golden Dawn." There are also many incidents of small-scale rioting and violence between different ethnic groups and attacks against immigrants that have surpassed the level of spontaneous violence and seem to be organized by competing centres of local criminal power aiming to control parts of the city's centre for reasons mostly related to narcotics contraband and the accumulation of capital through illicit means.”

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