25 January 2012

Just Shout "Racist!"

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  1. Just wondering...
    Why are white people always called racists?
    Do you have to be white to be a racist?
    People only get charged with being a racist
    if they are white, why?
    Please explain, what this really means?
    We are all puzzled?

    1. Just before I start remember "White" is not a racial term, Europoid Sub-Species in a rough way is better described

      Now qns

      To understand why they are called "racist" would mean understanding where the term "racist" comes from and who popularised it and for what reason

      The theory of racism actually came from Charles of Darwin and it had nothing to do with the term that is used today. The term today spawns from a Jew(Zionist too) who resided in Deutschland in the 30s. This particular "philosopher" was looking for a manner in which to breakdown the strength of European Nationalism. One manner was Feminism as another posts delves into another manner was making the European ignorant of his racial background.

      Cultural Marxists then were charged after WW2 to use the "Holocaust" as a means too employ Guilt in anyone who was German so why not the rest of the Europeans? And so the plan was crafted within Frankfurt School Styled Zionists to destroy us PSYCHOLOGICALLY by a matter of association to anything that is remote to the "Nazis" or Racialism or Nationalism for us.

      Thus why white people are always called "racists" is to effectively psychologically destroy them and any hopes of European identity.

      Remember to the Zionist who was kicked out of Europe time and time again since 1200s if not before, a Strong Independent Europoid is a grave threat and to a system which perpetuates Globalism A nightmare!

      In short simple terms - The term "racism" is used to position us to their advantage