10 May 2012

Peter Schuback scores a fine result in council elections

With a total of over 1000 votes and standing at 19.11% of vote, Peter Schuback has "done us proud" in representing the voice of ordinary Australia and the Australia First Party in Division 8 for the Fraser Coast Regional Council (Hervey Bay).

Results such as this put the corrupt parties of the establishment on notice that we have all had enough and want real change, not just a revolving door of career politicians and ex-bureaucrats.

But the story doesn't end here.  There were apparently some serious issues with the conduct of the ballot and a challenge to the result is in order.

Peter Schuback explains:
"In the Fraser Coast region some divisional polling booths ran out of ballot papers. This means that some people did not vote and in this case this should make the elections invalid. I am now calling on the EQC to declare the council election of 2012 invalid and for the ECQ to recall the elections at no cost to the candidates."

Well done, Peter -- and keep fighting!

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  1. And if they do not recall the council elections, we may be have a battle of Athens (Tennesee-USA) in the pipeline. See the movie-documentary to this here: