13 November 2012

Movie Review: Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary movie dealing with the Subprime Crisis and the following Global Financial Crisis. This movie was produced written and directed by Charles Ferguson with Sony Pictures 2011 and is narrated by Matt Damon.
Running for approximately 2 hours, Inside Job begins with a short examination of financial and political events in Iceland prior to the meltdown. It continues with a thorough examination of what occurred in especially the USA leading on to the eventual 2008 GFC ( Global Financial Crisis ).
The beauty of Inside Job is in its simplicity. It is not a movie exclusively for those well versed in finance and economics, it is presented at a level that most people, irrespective of their station in life will easily understand. The methods used build from one stage to the next and provided the viewer remains alert ( you can always replay individual scenes ) the rewards of new knowledge are without bounds.
Inside Job examines, the banks, the insurance companies, the financial trade, the stock exchanges, the politicians, the academics and the regulators and from this writers point of view at least, finds them all wanting. Inside Job digs up the real issues and puts the hard questions to the right people, some of whom are very noticeable by their unavailability to answer questions and some by the way in which they responded to fair questions. Get the story on what really happened.
The final message of Inside Job is a concerning one. It proposes that despite the promises of politicians, especially the US President, necessary change is not apparent and it infers that the whole exercise could be repeated.
If you don’t think that you could possibly understand the details of the financial and banking world, think again. Get a hold of Inside Job and treat yourself to some raw information that exposes the decision makers and the benefactors. You won’t regret it. Highly Recommended.

Almost Compulsory Viewing.
Inside Job can be rented from most Video outlets and it is available for purchase online.

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  1. I saw this movie and its great. Made me angry that this was allowed.