03 October 2009

Comment By Peter Schuback On The Economic Crisis

We publish a comment by a Queensland Nationalist AF member and truckies’ activist on the economic crisis and why it may deepen.

Once again we see a (Labor) government that is out of control. SPEND SPEND SPEND is all they know! Stimulus packages that are going to do near to nothing to stimulate the Australian economy . Every cent of any package that is put in place to stimulate the economy should have been put into infrastructure and job creating projects that would have increased the value of infrastructure in Australia (REAL INFRASTRUCTURE CREATES REAL WEALTH). Firstly we need to improve our roads in every state in Australia to bring them up to a safe and serviceable standard.

We should be putting money into rail infrastructure. Rail infrastructure would include a rail line from Melbourne to Toowoomba with an integrated transport hub transferring freight from Toowoomba to Brisbane and on to North Queensland and Darwin. We also should be putting money into water transfer schemes like the Bradford scheme; with the transferring of water from high rain-fall areas to areas such as the Murray Darling basin to drought proof every state in Australia.

Industries should also be encouraged to move to areas that have a supply of services and infrastructure that is currently under-utilized. Population caps should be introduced on cities that are now running at above infrastructure capacities, with incentives being paid in the form of tax rebates to companies that move to those areas that have the capacity to supply the required services and products. (COUNTRY AND REGIONAL AREAS)

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