11 January 2011

Press Release: Australia First On The Queensland Floods:

Queensland Drowns But The Foreign Aid Budget Runs Rampant

The devastation caused to Queensland by recent (and continuing) flooding, raises serious political

It is expected that damage caused by the floods will exceed $5 billion. Lost production may run to at least another $1 billion. Thousands of Queenslanders may become unemployed for a considerable period and be forced to seek government payments.

There is a growing anger amongst Queenslanders that the foreign aid budget - one half per cent of  Gross Domestic Product or some $5 billion - is still in operation and is expected to expand. It is a matter of fact that other Australian 'international commitments' also add to this vast sum. Right now, our military serves in a futile war in Afghanistan, instead of being able to fully serve Australians with its unique skills at times of natural disaster; its service in that war runs to hundreds of millions of dollars annually and for now real return. Queenslanders are rightly asking whether Australians ever come first in their own land!?

As a result of the loss of hundreds of dwellings, many Queenslanders are being accommodated in community halls and so on. Afterwards, other temporary housing will be found. Whilst this will be their lot for an extended period, so-called 'refugees' (buzz term: asylum seekers) will be housed in military centres, motels and public housing.

Australia First Party demands an end to false altruism! It is time to put Australia and Australians first.

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