22 October 2011

Discrimination against Australians -- in our own land!

Check out the following advertisement, placed on the internet classifieds site Gumtree:


The advertisement, for an accounts clerk, specifies:
Must be fluent in Indian dialect – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and or other Indian Language is an advantage

How much more of this must we endure?

Wake up Australia -- we are being displaced.  Will you still vote ALP/LNP at the next election?  It is important that we all understand very clearly (and make others understand) that the so-called major parties have been, for many years, complicit in this active policy of "reverse" (sic) discrimination, open borders and the ever-present obsession with the "free flow of labour and capital".

Of course, it had to be so.  The poor confused devils in the old guard of both "major" parties, not to mention many in the One Nation Party, Bob Katter's "Australian" Party (it is no such thing -- just read their policies, in particular point 21 of their programme which reveals their stance in favour of mass immigration) and various other civic nationalist groups, simply don't understand the problem.  Yet it is very simple.  The reason we have a multicultural policy today is in part because the powers-that-be want to create a society with no identity, which suits their programme perfectly; but it is also -- and this must be acknowledged -- because the former policy of assimilation was an utter failure, and in fact did fail before multiculturalism was ever thought of.  As much as anything else, multiculturalism represents the typical political response to any problem: find the line of least resistance and follow it.  This is exactly what has been done.  When assimilation failed -- as it has failed, and is now catastrophically failing in countries such as France, which famously rejected multiculturalism and stuck with assimiliationism to the bitter end -- it led to an ethnically divided population, as indeed it always must.  Faced with this, it has always been easier for politicians to simply accept the situation rather than address the problem.

So what does the future hold?  For the time being, more of the same.  A policy to import labour on a vast scale, irrespective of origin, must create a multi-ethnic state.  Nationalists have long predicted that the result would be a society in which businesses, politicians and public people of all types are under constant pressure to conform to the combined interests and tastes of the many ethnicities present within the broader society and in particular, to those dominant in their local area.  The link posted above is just one example among a large and exponentially growing body of evidence in support of this prediction.

What is the solution?  We must reject the lie that mass immigration benefits our society.  We must change how we think, how we vote, how we consume -- always with a view to our long-term interests, not just the next five minutes. And above all else, we must remain true to our identity, our people and our nation.

Australia First is ready to accept this challenge and we call on you to be part of the fight.

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  1. This advertisement is in breach of the Anti-discrimination-legislation. Accordingly they have to be gender-neutral and open to anyone and not only to someone with Indian languages. That should be checked. Looks like the Anti-discrimination KGB has out-done himself. Can you imagine some add for English Speaking account clerks? Hell would break out!