18 October 2011

You can now subscribe to this blog by email

We have been experimenting for the past few days with an email subscription option for this blog and are pleased to announce that this feature is now 'live'.

To begin receiving email updates, simply enter your preferred email address in the form on this page and click the 'Subscribe' button to enjoy regular updates from Australia First Qld Branch. You will only receive updates when new posts appear on this site, so please be aware that your subscription will not begin until the next time the blog site is updated.

The service we are using also permits you to help spread the word by including a customised 'forward to a friend' link within each email bulletin and we urge you to use this any time you receive an update that might be of particular interest to someone in your contacts list. Please do not 'spam' people however, by sending these forwarded messages to all and sundry -- it will be most helpful if you are selective about sending these emails to those who will be likely to appreciate them.

Please note that if you change your mind about being a subscriber, you can easily cancel your subscription from within your email account, simply by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link that will also be included in every email.

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