20 February 2012

False and Misleading

So now one of our leading manufacturers of tomato sauce is leaving the country to set up in New Zealand. They will then export their product from New Zealand back to Australia. What we have lost is: jobs, export income, and the taxes that are gained from the sale and manufacture of this product. We have also lost the income generated by the farmers that grew the tomatoes for the factory. The fastest way to stop these companies from moving out of Australia to some country where labour is cheaper so they can manufacture at a cheaper rate and make more profits for their greedy share holders, is to put a 300% import duty on any product they want to import back into Australia with the import duty being paid to an Australian based company that will manufacture its products here and employ Australians. This also goes for companies like Holden, which gets most of its vehicles manufactured overseas and then badges them as Holden. Why should we be paying top dollar for a car that is manufactured in Korea or some other place where labour is cheap especially when the value of the Australian dollar is so high against the USD? Why are we paying so much for overseas manufactured cars when if you are in the US for example you only pay $29,990 dollars for a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible yet we are paying $34,000 for a Captiva? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are being screwed and in my opinion any company that gets its products manufactured overseas and then rebadges the product with the name of an Australian owned company’s product is deceptive and borders on false and misleading. We need to put in place protective practices to protect the jobs of all Australians and we need to put in place a program where manufacturers have to name the place that their products are manufactured so they cannot just rebadge a product and call it something that people think is an Australian product. That is, in my opinion, false and misleading.

Peter Schuback
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