23 February 2012

Getting to "No" -- a strategic approach

A member in Rockhampton submitted the following link in the interests of further developing our organisational strategy.  The document is an excerpt from The War on Fatherhood and while it relates to one very specific issue, readers of this blog are urged to look beyond the immediate context and study this document for its deeper message: the idea of a "counter-revolution" within the context of "the social and cultural environment within which this problem, and our movement, exists"; and from this idea, the plan of a broad resistance movement.

Here is the link: http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org/cpf/2008/Getting%20to%20No.htm.

This is a document to digest slowly and read through more than once.  Perceptive readers, particularly those with a bent for strategic thinking, will get a lot out of this article, whether the specific issue and movement in question is directly of interest to them or not.


  1. How can the powers of Feminism/Cultural Marxism even be attempted to be overthrown within the System(rotten it is), when a huge majority of the system's participants are nothing but Marxist drones on this issue?..

    1. Please tell me what do you think is wrong, in Feminism? What are you scared off?

    2. Its not what "I" think or what anyone is "scared" of - but what is

      Feminism masquerades a "womens movement for women's rights" when it in effect is a Cultural Marxist creation that empowers women to disempower LADY to try and be "equal" and be something they arent. Thus through deluding them as the Zionist philosophers did in times of Bernaze(watch Century of the Self its the key) they seek to become "Men" and so they do not become compliant wives, nurturing mothers or examples of the light. They in effect wish to become INDIVIDUALS for A DELUSIONAL SENSE OF EMPOWERMENT when their NATURAL EMPOWERMENT is enforceably discarded. Feminist indoctrination has seen 50% Divorce Rates in Western World, domestic violence surges, a fatalistic declining birth rate, decline in quality parenting(and time) and as this article clearly states the war on fatherhood.

      In Feminism what is wrong is it seeks to overturn Nature and the order of things for a Zionist benefit. It was designed as its Jewish founder stated "To destroy Western Families".

      Feminism can only be utterley DEFEATED with the overturn of all Cultural Marxist rubbish and the revivement and refinement of a way of thought that reflects nature and our true purpose

  2. LiniFeb 27, 2012 02:16 AM

    Please tell me what do you think is wrong, in Feminism? What are you scared off?

    I am afraid of stupid questions which fly in the face of the facts.