04 November 2009

Queensland not for sale campaign!

What you can do? We urge all Queensland members of Australia First and our friends to support the Queensland Not For Sale Campaign. We urge you all to visit the site and have your say against the QLD Labor Government's Fire Sale of the PEOPLES ASSETS.

Sign up to stay informed on upcoming demonstrations and join them if you can. If you are prepared to make a stand organize at a local level with other Australia First members and colleagues and take part. Join the campaign. Its our state lets keep it that way.

No Government has the right to sell off our children s future!

Queensland not for sale web site HERE

Contact your local MP HERE

also visit the ETU web site HERE

1 comment:

  1. The government should fear their people and never the other way round.

    Im buying supplies for when the revolution comes. Its not far off now. The people WILL NOT stand for this