01 November 2009

Bob Hawke Grubs Up To China Free Trade Pact

There is something miserable about Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister and Labor Party wise-man. Complete with his $190,000,000 nest egg all 'made' after he left office, this solid member of the traitor class long abandoned the working Australian to his fate. So it was demonstrated (again) this week.

On October 29, after hearing a Sydney speech on free trade by Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang , Hawke was in rapture and ready to attack the ordinary working Australian who is aware he is going to be out of a job under the new free trade arrangements.

Hawke said: .."Stupid unintelligent rednecks who play the racist card .." "don't' represent ""... "Australian thinking" on free trade!

Indeed, we don't represent official 'Australian thinking'. It is the traitor class which likes to believe it is intelligent and rational and can do our thinking for us. As 'rednecks' we aren't meant to make it in the new economic rationalist utopia.

We are hated for our presumption that we mean anything at all other than as labour for those who know better! Hawke's utter contempt for the working person may show his role in the trade union movement and the so-called Labor Party was a cover for the real agenda.

Interesting too, how Hawke's brain works. In June 1989, he wept on national television over Chinese tanks running over protesting students in Beijing. That was a convenient excuse to allow 40,000 Chinese students to stay in Australia. That grand exercise in culture busting the Australian community and establishing on our own soil a new investment and trading group, was just a prelude to closer integration with China's economy thereafter. Step by step, China has taken control over vast tracts of Australian land and Australian resources.

The new Free Trade agreement between China and Australia will be opposed by hundreds of thousands of Australian workers in their unions. That means nothing to the Labor Party other than a problem to be managed while they get on with the job of enmeshing our country in China's rise to superpower status. This betrayal presents Australian nationalists with an opportunity to reach out to wider sections of Australia's working people.

Australia First Party intends to take up that opportunity.

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  1. I was going to move to your wonderful country , not any more . I can't trust chinese products that you are importing .Wow ! don't you realise the deeper they dig in the harder it will be to get them out. I was going to live under ground there but at least it was an aussie underground not a country full of a bunch of chinese lackey's giving them money . What's wrong with you guys?