06 October 2010

100 Invasion craft and counting.

The Voice - The Invasion : 100 NOT OUT

"On the 4th of October the 100th boat of 2010 filled with so-called asylum seekers reached Australian waters. Despite the government's spin that it is trying to protect Australia's borders the smugglers bringing these bogus asylum seekers (invaders) to Australia know that the government is full of hot air and that the red carpet is well and truly laid out for them courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.

With each boat that illegally enters our waters more invaders are encouraged to make the journey so they can have a free ride for life at our expense, the cost of which is increasing exponentially. It is not just a monetary cost either as many areas across the country especially our cities resemble third world sewers and are full of no go zones. Never in history has a people sat back and watched their country disintegrate before their very eyes like the sheeple of Australia have allowed to happen. It is not going to stop under the current system and when the Greens (watermelons) gain the balance of power in the Senate on the 1st of July 2011 the destruction of the country will be stepped up several notches.

What would the nation's founders think if they could see what this once great country has become where the standard practice is to ignore and belittle unfortunate Australians while foreigners are given a free ride?


  1. The tragedy is that the citizens of Australia have been brainwashed into such a deep level of hypnotic apathy that few really care at all. We lost the war with the destruction of the white Australia policy and it has been down hill ever since.
    For any idiot to believe this invasion is not a planned, controlled attack, let them check the Communist manifesto where Lenin stated that 'refugees' were the greatest means to infiltrate and attack a nation from the inside, which we witness now in England, Holland, all over Europe, and are seeing here. Well done politicians and the voters who have refused to accept responsibility for keeping the pollies doing our will rather than the U.N.'s


  3. 4 more boats came on the weekend and one
    last night with 50 people on board.
    The total now is 105 boats. I have heard
    that many of these impostors are really
    from Pakistan. They are very annoyed with
    ASIO who are trying to varify where they
    are actually from because they destory all
    their documents before leaving Indonesia.
    Miss Gillard must be very careful where she
    goes on this as Australia is a sovereign
    country and the United Nations Communist style
    does not have control over our sovereign
    borders. Miss Gillard has a "Duty of Care"
    to protect Aussies from foreign invaders.
    I have made a complaint to the Federal
    Electoral Commission about the Labor Party's
    dishonesty before the election. Miss Gillard
    has told many untruths. Her party branch stacks
    and is not a democratic party. There is a new
    book called Power Crisis which varifies how
    they put their chosen one's in Power.
    Their New World Order is only getting started,
    as they destroy our Beautiful Country and put
    in their third world chosen one's in high places for money and power! Communist Coward
    Corruption all the way with the Gillard Gang!

  4. now the Government is letting those in detention out amoungst the Community before they are processed. where is the security in all of this. this woman PM is giving our Country away to these people. over 1 million australians are destitute and over 100,000 Australians Homeless while these invaders are housed in 4 Star accomodation and on or Our military Bases.living it up like lords of the manor while our own are going without. now she offers them freedom of the Country and won't help Australians who are suffering.when is this going to stop? or is it too late.she lets them stay to take everything off Us Australians, knowing full well they are taking Jobs, Housing and everything they can get their Grubby fingers on. Even some of them end up homeless on the streets aswell. they are putting extra drain on on all our resourses.the more that come here the more Australians have to go without.They are not our Responsability, why arent the Government turning these boats back????.Gillard Is not AUSTRALIAN, she only Has a pieace of Paper to Say she is an Australian Citizen. she was not Born Here yet she assumes the right to Betray the country she Chose to live in. this is Treason, and she is allowed to Make decisions that the majority of Australians don't Agree with.By her actions she has now turned a lot of Die Hard Labour Voters against Labour and has lost the Vote of Many people because of this rot.Thanks to her and the Greens these Boats will arrive not one at a time but by the hundreds and she will stand back and just let it Happen.

  5. Another boat arrived so that now makes 106.
    The Fabian Socialist Labor Party have
    proposed a new Detention Centre in West
    Aussie in a placed called Northam. As you
    can imagine the locals are very angry!
    The "New World" Labor Party has advised
    the State Government that 1,500 single foreign
    men will be housed in this country area,
    which is about 80 kms from Perth. The West
    Aussies believe that Miss Gillard is getting-back-at-them because they did not vote for
    her stupidity. With the ground swell that is
    now gripping West Aussie, it will not be
    easy for her to implement her much loved
    Far Leftie Marxist agenda.

  6. International socialism, with its goal of a
    WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS where people, especially
    those from Third World countries, can freely
    move into affluent WESTERN COUNTRIES. This goes
    towards futhering their socialist cause of
    wealth distribution.

    Don't expect a public admission from them.
    It wouldn't be a vote winner and maybe that's
    why policies relating to immigration are never
    raised by the major political parties during
    election campaigns.

    Will the complacent voters need an ARMADA OF
    BOATS to arrive before they wake up to what's
    really going on? NOW IT IS TIME FOR ACTION!!

  7. "Asylum Seeking" has become a very big "Money
    Industry" and we have become their "Victims"
    and they are our "Predators." It is an Aussie
    Human Right to feel safe in their homeland
    from this very nasty predatory behaviour from
    a very foreign culture, who don't like us.
    Of course Miss Gillard likes to keep Offending
    Against the Aussies, but then she has a very
    strange attitude towards her fellow Aussies,
    she is out to get rid of us, and replace us
    with her chosen one's. She wants these foreign
    invaders to vote for her and to keep her in
    Money and Power. She could never get a job in
    the private sector, and lives off Government
    Hand-Outs! West Aussie is starting to rise
    up against her game playing to destroy-our-
    way-of-life! in this Beautiful State of ours.

  8. Now 110 boats have arrived under this very
    nasty agenda!


    Last year 6535 illegal boat people arrived
    in Australia. This was up from 2726 in 2009.
    The next biggest year for boat people was in
    2001 when 5516 illegal boat people arrived.
    There are currently 2828 illegal boat people
    detained on Christmas Island and 3469 illegal
    boat people in detention camps on the mainland.

  10. So far in 2011, 90 illegal boat people
    have arrived, which was published in the
    newspaper on the 6th January, 2011.
    These people have arrived when Aussies are
    fighting Floods in Queensland and Western
    Australia. Also Bushfires in Western Australia.
    Will Chris Bowen be giving these illegal
    boat people housing and centrelink payments
    before the Flood Victims and Bushfire Victims
    in Aussie? I was amazed to hear that Aussies
    are still living in caravans since the
    Bushfires in Victoria 2 years ago. No wonder
    the citizens of Victoria got rid of Brumby,
    what a no-hoper he turned out to be. Of course,
    he would be enjoying his Aussie Tax-Payer
    funded lifestyle. It is time the Aussie
    Tax-Payer saw the CV's of these Offenders.

  11. It makes me soooo angry to think that us aussies have to share our beauitful contry with scum,i am a racist and proud of it. The australian people need to wake up and relise what Gillard is up to if you can't see through her and what her intensions are by now you are stupid and brobly don't care about the future of our children and the australian way of life.

    Cam anyone out there explain why isn't the
    same sort of urgency applied to the thousands
    who are on the waiting lists for public
    housing as is being applied to the illegal
    boat people, now known as "Asylum seekers"?
    I have sent a letter to Chris Bowen and I have
    asked him that very important question.

  13. I believe the number of illegal boat people
    for 2011 is now 500. I will check with the
    Immigration Department Industry and see
    whether the number has risen in the last
    couple of days.