15 October 2010

The Voice - Chinese For Dinner (Video)

In this episode we take a look at the increasing amount of food from China that is appearing on our supermarket shelves. Most of it is coming in via the back door New Zealand where it is repackaged and sent off as being New Zealand produce. The rest is labelled as being made in Australia from local and/or imported ingredients. We are never told where these imported ingredients come from but with an increasing amount of toxic garbage from China being flooded into the country it is safe to say that every meal you eat is Chinese.

The situation is only going to get worse especially when you consider the much spruiked about water allocation cuts for farmers in the nation's food basket that is the Murray-Darling Basin. This is going to force many farmers off the land while increasing food prices even before Comrade Gillard's much hyped carbon tax is introduced and ensuring that even more of our food is Chinese. If the labor/watermelon coalition government was so concerned about the environment they would cut immigration and in fact install measures to reduce Australia's population. The fact is that farmers are being forced to produce more using fewer resources on land that is largely unsuitable for agriculture as most of our prime farming land has become suburbia.

Australia's secondary industry has all but been destroyed by the traitors in parliament adhering to the letter the recommendations of the Lima Declaration and now it appears that it is the turn of our primary producers to feel the pain of the New World Order Government. In the not too distant future when Australia has been stripped of its natural resources we will be left with an empty husk that will be the property of China. The only ones to benefit from this are the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolworths, multinationals and of course our masters the Chinese.

Will Australians ever wake up?

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