24 July 2010

Australia First QLD members threatened by Labor Party Supporters.

Threats have been received today via the comments section on an article concerning Julia Gillard and the Labor Party handling of Illegal immigration. In an attempt to silence any criticism of the Labor leader and Prime Minister, Julia Gillards Marxist comrades have come to the rescue.

This is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the Left/Labor party radical. We can only hope that free speech and free thought will survive in this country. Australia First is here to stay. We will not waver from the responsibility of working for a better country and sustainable future.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Julia Gillard and the Lab/Lib Immigration Debate.":

"Immigrants are better than scum like you. Come march in Brisbane you fascist c***s. Watch us remove you from our streets like racist scum you are"


  1. I hope you report them to the Police. Jail is the best place for these people.

  2. Threats and cheap shots ? I hear an echo "scum". I was recently accused of being "scum". Funny how the accuser fell of the sanctimonious moralistic pedestal he had placed himself on and collided head first with the truth. The moral of the story is the truth hurts. So I guess "anonymous" wouldn't be feeling so emotive if we were not speaking the truth!