27 July 2010

Ex-truckie in Senate bid


FORMER Rockhampton truck driver Peter Schuback has launched a bid for a seat in the Senate.

Once described by Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten as the most dangerous person he'd ever met, the outspoken and workaholic campaigner has been selected to contest the election by the Australia First party.

And he hopes his strong links to Central Queensland will make it a welcome source of votes as he aims to shake up the “colourless national political scene”.

Schuback dismisses 95% of politicians as faceless and devoid of ideas. (ed note this is what makes him dangerous)

When he lived in Rockhampton he earned a reputation as a rabble-rouser and claims to have started the campaign to get asbestos out of schools after discovering quantities of it at Bouldercombe State School.

He left the city six years ago for Hervey Bay, complaining that he had to move because there were no facilities for his profoundly deaf son in Central Queensland.

But he keeps in touch with an army of truckies in the region and says he visits his old stomping ground at least once a month.

He said yesterday he joined Australia First because none of the other parties stood up for the Australian people.

The party is against immigration, multiculturalism and foreign ownership of businesses and corporations. It also promotes policies to strengthen and protect the traditional family and aims to rebuild Australia's manufacturing industries.

“Australia is a very dry country. We can't afford to have a bigger population without the infrastructure to cater for them,” he said yesterday.

“Neither main party will end immigration, just tamper with numbers.

“We want refugee financial privileges ended and we want these people resettled. This is an invasion of our country, an attack on our identity and our independence as a people.

“This is our country and we wish to reclaim it.

“Multiculturalism doesn't work. People are coming to this country with no intention to assimilate and become Australian. They set up their own ghettos and tell us to change our laws to suit them. That's wrong, but the other parties are unwilling to acknowledge that it's wrong.”

He said Robert Schwarten labelled him dangerous because “I don't lay down real easy. I just keep gnawing at the bone and I'm not afraid of anyone or anything”.

Schuback vows that if he's elected to the Senate he will demand inquiries into the matters that divide the nation.

“I want a fair go for pensioners and the homeless and more spent on mental health issues,” he said.

“I want one set of driving laws for the whole of Australia and one criminal code.”


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  2. As an Australian born in Italy I can't but agree with Peter Schubak when he says multiculturalism doesn't work. Multiculturalism divide people and it is true that a lot of migrants don't assimilate or don't want to. Coming from a non Australian background but loving and understanding Australia's multicultural divide I find myself being alienated from my family who remains fiercely Italian who doesen't understand why I see myself as Australian who doesen't care at all for the old country. New legal migrants should be compelled to learn english first, then Australian history and should go through a thorough citizenship exam and shouldn't be granted to applicants without a minimum of 5 working years with resident visa. Nowadays citizenship is granted after 3 years to anyone working or dole bludgers, these are the kind of people Australia doesn't need, they have no pride and no allegiance to this wonderful country.

  3. I would like to ask all immigrants, why did they come here and do they like Australian way of life ,and what exactly they find as positive and negative here. If they think Australians are bad people that deserve to go to hell, just because girls wear short skirts or boys drink, then let them rott in hell in their own countries where they came from.
    Unfortunatelly there are so many primitive immigrants that are standing aside and just observing and not wanting to belong to this generous country. There is no loyalty in their hearts and no love for this country, they are here to use and abuse as much as they can, thinking they are far from their homes, trying to keep close to their nation and habits and their own rules. I also came to Australia 12 years ago, from Bosnia. Somethimes I see people from my x-country sitting in their groups like some `lost in space` tribe and I want to ask them :`Why don`t you go home, go back where you belong`. Australia as a country is to soft and I am afraid ignorant to its own future. It is so obvious what is happening with all these rich Chinese that are just waiting for that moment of weakness to betrey this kind country and people. I have my personal experience with Indians, Pakistani, Chinese because I never had a prejudice, I am not rasist and I do not hate anyone , that is a reason how these people show me their true, uncovered mentalities, their true colours, and then I started thinking :`How is it possible to be so much different just in a way our brains think.`I never met so much carrying and generous people as real Australians are, proud and honest and I feel proud to be a part of Australian Nation, because I value this country as the best palce in the world, to live. Somethimes I got a wish to go on streets and start asking covered Muslims or other obviously nonasimilated immigrant do they love this country and would they feel loyal to this country, for example in case of war, and I wonder what they would say.