27 July 2010

Nick Maine

Nick Maine (running for Senate in QLD) was a member of the Liberal party from mid 1955 to the mid ‘60s, during which time he rose to the position of a State Delegate in NSW and then to Chairman of a Subcommittee of the Defence Advisory Committee.
Nick realised the problems arising with the import of inassimilable racial aliens and the consequences for the future security of Australia, and gave advice on this to the Defence Advisory Committee of the Liberal Party in 1977. He was opposed by the committee who stated that his advice would lose them ‘ethnic votes’. He resigned in disgust, but has been active in the political field ever since in opposition to ever-increasing corruption that has become rife in the main political parties.
Nick spent six years of his life serving Australia during World War 2 and was probably the only person to have voluntarily forfeited his repatriation home to remain in the front line for a further year, this time in New Guinea.
At his age he is incorruptible and if elected will continue to expose, within parliament, corrupt persons and practices of past and present politicians who have played their part in destroying the well-being of our enviable Australian lifestyle.
Nick has authored two books: “Goodbye Oz Culture” and “Hey! Wait for me” and is a Justice of the Peace.
0422 199 173

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