27 July 2010

Peter Schuback

Peter Schuback (running for Senate in QLD) is the owner operator of Mineral and Mine Movers Transport and has been in business since 1988. His major contracts have included many of Australia’s leading bridge builders and construction companies. Peter started a campaign to have asbestos removed from all schools after finding asbestos in water that was being caught in rain water tanks for students to drink at Bouldacome School; he also fights for the rights of truckies and small business people. He is trying to change the tax system to a fairer, easier system (Transaction tax).
Peter has started campaigns to have toxic waste dumps cleaned up in Gracemere; to get old refugee boats removed from the Fitzroy River; to inform people of the dangers of Q fever and associated diseases; and he successfully gained funds to get the Gracemere to Mt Morgan road improved and sealed.
He has challenged a number of organisations in regards to where money went that was for regional development and job creating, and put government on notice under duty of care in regards to bad roads. He fights to stop the water bill in Queensland, and put out ‘price watch’ for farmers and consumers so the consumers could see how much the major retailers are ripping us off. He designed and distributed around 300,000 requests for a review of infringement notice forms so people can fight unfair traffic fines, he designed and distributed a ‘stat dec’ for truckies and caravaners to stop harassment and to help in fatigue management… he started, along with Mick Patel and Bunny Brown, the last truck drivers stop work and fought for fair rates for owner-drivers and fair pay for truck drivers. He continues to fight Electricity companies over increases in charges and to expose the rip offs in petrol pricing. He has fought for, and obtained, the permission for a person to be buried on their own acreage property at Kingaroy.
Peter is married with seven children. His eldest son is in the Navy, eldest daughter has nine foster children, second eldest daughter is a carer, second eldest son is a train driver, and his three other children are still at school.
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  1. We definitely need people like Peter into the Senate. The most important thing we can do on Election Day is to deny the gormless Greens the balance of power. If they attain the balance of power, your electrical appliances will become obsolete as you will not be able to afford the electricity. You would be “sentenced” to permanent dinners by candle light. Werner Schmidlin begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting