22 July 2010

Julia Gillard and the Lab/Lib Immigration Debate.

Don't think for a minute that any Party presently representing the Australian Population is really concerned with illegal and legal Non White immigration. These same Politicians have stood by for over 30 years and done nothing. They spend more time and energy trying to hide the savage realities of Multiculturalism than they do caring for our own.

Consider this reality. Once again you are paying for it.

The total now for July is 8 boats carrying 425 invaders and 22 reported smugglers. The tally so far for 2010 on the 21st of July (the 202nd day of 2010) is 81 boats carrying 3,857 invaders and 202 reported smugglers.


  1. I've been wondering what motivates Julia Gillard. She has no children. I don't know about most other people, but the majority of my motivation for trying to do what I can to save this Nation is for my children and future descendants....for the survival of 'my people'.
    Who are 'her people'?

  2. Miss Gillard is motivated by her very big
    ego! She is a well known Fabian Socialist
    from the Far Leftie womans movement called
    Emily's List, who want more Commies in
    Parliament so they can destroy Aussie.
    She is motivated by idealism and of course
    at University she became a Fabian Socialist,
    which has unfortunately taken over good
    Universities and turn them into propaganda
    breeding grounds for her Far Leftie agenda.
    It is for the Communist Cause which motivates
    Miss Gillard.

  3. Immigrants are better than scum like you. Come march in Brisbane you fascist cunts. Watch us remove you from our streets like racist scum you are

  4. RE anon. Threats? Not this time pal. We will defend ourselves. Now who are you? AU AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANE TPG INTERNET PTY LTD

    Now that wasn't hard now was it. Can we make you famous?

  5. we need to get Australia Back totally Australia Owned and Stop multiculturalism it is causing only Hate ahd discrimination towards Australians. Our freedom and Culture are Sinking like a Ship.

  6. That "Anonymous" who wrote ..."watch us remove you"...etc, 23/July,2010/6:30 AM, has not qualified to be called an Australian and rather has qualified to be deported by the apropriate authorities!