21 July 2010

QLD Bank Account

AFP (QLD) now has its own, separate bank account. If you would like to make a donation to assist the registration and promotion of the two Senate and one House of Representatives candidates we currently have confirmed for QLD please transfer/deposit into:
Account name: Australia First Party(QLD BRANCH)
Westpac Bank
BSB 034 660
A/c number 281704
Details regarding candidates will be posted up here shortly....we're busy...we're motivated....we're working tirelessly for our future in our free time around our work and family commitments....please help where you can!


  1. Thanks for the bank details. I have just made a donation.


  2. Thanks RobRoy,
    You can be sure good use will be made of that hard-earned money!

  3. There you go AF QLD here is another 100. Go get em.

  4. Legendary! Much as we HATE having to ask for money - right now the AEC use it as a 'barrier' to smaller parties and independents.
    The large parties know they will get enough votes to give them the $2.31 per vote reimbursed on the 20th of the month following the election...so they spend willy-nilly knowing that tax-payers' money will come straight back to them to reimburse them for their costs!
    The only groups to profit from this are the media houses and advertising agencies they spend the money on!!!
    I urge anyone who cares to use the most powerful mediums they can - word of mouth via internet, real world conversations at every opportunity, calling in to radio shows, writing letters to the editor etc to encourage as many Australians to get us over the line.