04 August 2010

AF QLD plea for Sanity, Winter Sleep Out Brisbane Video.


  1. Well done AFP QLD. This is exactly the reason the AFP exists, because no other Political Party gives a damned about looking after us Aussies. For some extaordinary reason they do not think it is part of their job description! Keep fighting for the oppressed Aussies out there, they are the ones who will not mind the end of todays rotten corrupt system because it gives them nothing.

  2. I am pleased that you are now showing what
    is really happening in our welfare
    organizations. I don't trust Vinnies or
    Mission Australia to do the right thing
    for our homeless Aussies. These welfare
    organizations seem to have a different
    agenda and it is not helping our people.
    I never give to them and I independently
    give my own money to homeless Aussies that
    I see on the streets. I never give to
    World Vision, Save the Children Fund because
    they are Internationalist Organizations. Where
    does the money really go to? The problem
    with the third-world is getting worse. What
    are they really doing with our Aussie money?
    The person that controls World Vision is
    nothing but a Internationalist Socialist,
    hell bent on destroying Aussie.