11 August 2010

Senate Candidates Snubbed by MSM.

A message from Australia First QLD candidate Peter Schuback.

Smaller parties and independent senate candidates are not being given equal time in either the media or in meetings being held to meet the candidates.

Senate candidates are being left out in the cold to try to get their message across to members of the voting public. Issues like homeless people, Health, Pensioner issues, Foster parents, Mental health, Boat people and illegal and over staying foreign nationals, Multiculturalism and immigration are all issues that all senate candidates should be able to address, this is not happening and the public are not getting to see what the potential senators can offer.

Senators are the policeman of the government and as such have the right to pass or knock back bills. I am running for the senate for the Australia First party and we have a message for the members of the public of not only Queensland but Australia and yet we are being ignored. Our party as the name suggests is all about looking after Australians FIRST. 

We want to stop all immigration until we have the infrastructure in place to take more people. We need to bring our current infrastructure up to a world’s best standard before we invite any more people here. We want to send every person that enters our country illegally or that over stays their visa back to where ever they have came from. We want more facilities for homeless people, more facilities for people with mental illness and more programs put in place to intervene and look after people before they get to a stage where they are going to harm or kill themselves. We want more money for our pensioners and we want pensioners that return to work after they have retired at 65 for men and 60 for ladies to be able to work for up to 20 hours a week before they pay any tax and before the extra income affects their pensions. (Let’s bring back the skills of the past to educate the young of the present) We want more support for foster parents, (They are the ones that are looking after some of Australia’s Most disadvantaged children) we want to rebuild our industry base and insure our farming communities, fishing and small business people stay strong and viable. We want to bring in sustainable rates for truckies.

If elected to the senate I will be asking for a senate inquiry into such things as petrol prices. Our major food retailers and the prices paid at farm gate price to the price the consumer pays retail. I will also be getting advice on changing our taxation system so that we all pay a fair and equitable amount of tax. I will be pushing for our superannuation monies to be kept in Australia and to be used for major infrastructure programs with the government issuing bonds against that money paying a commercial rate of interest. 

A standard gauge railway line from Melbourne to Toowoomba and on to Cairns with a line going from Toowoomba to Darwin hooking up with the Alice Springs to Adelaide line, a water pipe to run from north Queensland along the rail corridor to service every town on that route. Money into our highways and factories to be set up in country and regional areas to build solar hot water and electrical panels that will be supplied to every home and business in Australia to cut green house gasses. These panels would be paid for by the consumers instead of paying for the electricity they use now.

I will be asking that the banking industry be investigated by a senate inquiry and also that we as a country set up another bank owned by the people along the lines of the old Commonwealth bank.

Our pensioners are getting ripped off, their pension was to be 50 % of the basic wage paid to a male worker and those people that are still working are still paying 6.9 % of their tax to pay for that pension. We have to get more medical students into our universities and if a uni student that takes up medicine and signs a contract to spend at least five years in a country and or regional centre after the completion of their course those students would get free university. Any student that fails to honour their contract would have to pay back all university costs plus fifty percent. 

We need to train our own doctors and nurses and we need to stop importing doctors that hardly speak or understand English. If you cannot communicate with your doctor how do you tell him or her what is wrong with you. This lack of communication will lead to the deaths of patients. Like I have said there are many issues that need to be addressed and we have a duty of care to insure that all Australians are treated in the best possible way and without fear or favour and that our tax monies go to building a better Australia. 

Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party
07 41 24 88 99

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  1. As frustrating as denial to equal access to media is, it was a predictable and inevitable scenario, scripted straight out of the traitors handbook. These traitors and liars are terrified of being exposed for what they really are and were we to receive a fair go re; media access, that is exactly what would happen. Australians would see the traitors lies and hear our truth, ( now we can't have that ). This is the begining not the end for us, with great things to come, but this is surely the end for the traitors!