16 August 2010


We have the right to question politicians’ decisions!
You have the right to speak your mind!

Having the right to true freedom of speech means having the right to debate public policy on any subject.

Third World immigration
The Asianisation of Australia Multiculturalism
Islam, and Muslim extremists

Should you be banned from discussing these topics in public? Should you be banned from expressing your opinion? To both these questions, we say NO!!!

Either we Australians have the right to debate – in public – any public policy, or we don’t have the right to free speech. Choose one or the other – it’s that simple.

Liberal and Labor politicians have brought in laws to fine and jail political opponents who argue against mass immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation. In this respect, these neo-fascist politicians show themselves to be much like the Communists, and assorted Third World dictators.

The government has created so-called “racial vilification” laws, which are actually designed to ensure that they can suppress free speech on immigration issues, and hide the terrible truth about Multiculturalism.

The Communists banned free speech under their regimes. Governments in Third World banana republics often arrest their opponents using anti-democratic laws, trumped-up charges, or politically-motivated prosecutions over legal “technicalities”, in order to silence political opposition. Government-funded Multiculturalists are now operating in the same vein as those Marxists, and tin-pot dictators.

No matter what neo-fascist Multiculturalist laws are passed by Liberal and Labor politicians, their Thought Crime laws are not morally valid. Especially abhorrent are the Multiculturalist “racial vilification” laws wherein telling the truth is not a defence! 

Australian juries have the right to refuse to convict anyone who has been arrested for expressing their political and social beliefs. Government campaigns of political intimidation should be opposed by all fair-dinkum Australians.

We Australians are threatened by mass Third World immigration and the political ideology of Multiculturalism.

We have the right to tell the truth.
We have the right to put forward our opinion.
We have the right to use our freedom of speech.

Without these rights, we are not free!!! Join us, and fight back against the politicians!

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