06 August 2010

Letters to Editors

To the Editorial of
the Courier Mail
Dear Sirs,
               Re.: Letter of A. Barton, Boondall, Pg. 33 of the Courier Mail of 5th August, 2010
               Above-named letter-writer tells us that the homeless should not be afraid about illegal immigrants and that the homeless should ask St. Vinnies for accommodation. That's the typical naive attitude of a heart-bleeding do-gooder. Why is A. Barton not telling the illegal immigrants, who are housed in luxury-accommodation to ask St. Vinnies for a place in their hostels or cockroach-invested boarding-houses? Why not housing the homeless of this Country in luxury-accommodation, like the illegal immigrants who broke the law. Can't he see through the double-standard, hypocrisy and social injustice of his argument. The people living in poverty in Australia have nothing else than contempt for the derelict actions of the government and churchy-welfare-businesses to have the people depraved and deprived through their derelict degenerate humanism, based on sex, drugs and rock'n roll.
And certainly this newspaper never will mention that the only candidate for the Senate in Queensland, namely Mr. Peter Schuback of the Australia First Party
was among the homeless protesters and showing solidarity with them!
With best regards,
Yours sincerely
John Brown

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