18 August 2010

What If There Was A Referendum On The White Australia Policy?

Australians in growing numbers are concerned that immigration is not just a question of numbers,
but a matter of identity politics. If a referendum was held on immigration, there is no doubt
Australians would legislate for its ending as a program of government.

Australia First Party gives validity to these concerns in this election. Group K for the Queensland
Senate declared today:

" The abandonment of the great White Australia Policy in 1966 was not, as the liberals and leftists
and the globalists and humanists, would have it - the triumph of reason and humanity over racism
and darkness. Rather, it was the start of a process that may see the Euro Australian dispossessed
of his identity and country and our country recolonised. The former Policy was proclaimed by our
forebears as a policy of reason and justice, which set up Australia as a Nation. They harboured no
ideas of superiority or imperialism and they sought friendships with every people conditional upon
all understanding and accepting our right to be ourselves."

Australia First Party will mobilize throughout Queensland after this election and will strive to ensure a State Party is registered for the next State and Council elections. It will lead Australians not just on
economic and social issues as a party based upon the people must, but defend their identity and
heritage against those who would steal it from us.  The party does not shirk the hard questions and
will not conceal its commitment to serve the Australian People.

Group K said in conclusion:

"We believe that this election has given the people of Queensland a glimpse at the new force in this
State's politics. Over 100 years ago, our forebears ended slavery on the sugar plantations and on
the properties of the pastoralists and returned the slaves home with our blessing. That was the
great achievement of the White Australia Policy which Australia's present enemies refuse to
acknowledge. Today, the curse of contract labour scars Queensland. It will destroy the livelihoods
of tens of thousands and their families .Over 100 years ago, the threat of a peaceful invasion of
this State by immigration was turned back. Today, whole areas of Queensland are no longer
Australian. The enemies of the Australian People regard these contemporary things as normal and
acceptable. We do not. A vote for Australia First Party today is confirming the heroic past in the

Queenslanders! Vote for Australia First Party, Group K, Senate, on August 21.


  1. Great at last some common sence, Bring Back the White Australia policy. Multiculturalism is Killing the Best Country on Earth.

  2. I don't really see much "strength in our
    diversity", and ask the real question:
    What is the real price of multiculturalism?

  3. multiracial societies are always divided and segmented, dont trash australia like the us and britain , send refugees to similar ethnic countries, send foreign aid to help them there, but keep em out. keep the chinese and japs to small numbers and dont let them stay after their education. be prepared to stand up and be counted. be prepared to march and stand up against the do gooders and religious bleeding hearts. save australia before it is too late,