04 August 2010

The Voice - Darwin Detention Centre

This is the story of Darwin the city of two illegal immigration detention centres and multiple places of 'alternative' accommodation for the flood of illegal boat invaders that have invaded Australia because of the Rudd/Gillard government's open borders policies.

First up there is the Northern Immigration Detention Centre in Berrimah which currently has a capacity of 554. Then there is the Asti Motel which is located in the heart of Darwin that is being used to pamper the poor little invaders. Last but not least there is the 200 room Marrara Detention Centre which is close to Darwin's airport that the owner originally denied was going to be Darwin's second detention centre.

While less fortunate Australians are regarded as surplus to requirements the invaders are given free accommodation, food, clothing, medical, dental and schooling as they wait for their illegitimate claims to be processed and are placed first on the public housing list as soon as they gain entry. It is no wonder that they still keep coming since the docile Australian taxpayer keeps paying for it while his fellow countrymen are treated like dirt. Will the sheeple of Australia ever wake up and look after their own first?


Michael Smith editorial: The Australian government is giving preference to asylum seekers rather than homeless Australians. It seems around 80% of Australian couples, with children, facing homelessness are denied any kind of emergency accommodation. Listen now and have your say. Listen HERE

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