06 August 2010

From SMH http://www.smh.com.au/federal-election/sky-high-on-rudd-as-abc-protects-its-saucers-20100806-11l4h.html

"Women and children last
The Australia First Party has come up with its own win-win solution for raising funds for the homeless and awareness about the plight of boat people this National Homeless Persons Week.

Under Mission Australia's Winter Sleepout banner, a goon squad of AFP members camped outside the Virginia Palms Hotel in the Brisbane suburb of Boondall.
The choice of campsite was influenced by the 80 women and children seeking asylum being put up in the hotel instead of Christmas Island.
Mission Australia become incandescent with outrage when it learned AFP was subverting its Winter Sleepout. It demanded an immediate end to fund-raising activities as it considered the political party pushed "hateful and divisive views".
The AFP's Jane Mengler offered to return funds collected during the sleepout."

Truth of the matter is that Jane Mengler did not organise this event nor have ANYTHING to do with it.  The Sydney Morning Herald has surely made more than its fair share of false claims against Ms Mengler!!!  More CHURNALISM from the Sydney Morning Herald!


  1. Does anyone else think the term 'goon squad' is a tad defamatory?

  2. Id rather be a goon than a lemming.

  3. We would refer the term "goon squad" befitting certain "journos" at the SMH and the smorgasbord of hate they serve up for $1.50 per customer.

  4. SMH, lol, they pretend to defend groups such as Mission Australia and refugees, yet these very groups SMH conveniently use as vehicles of hate directed at Australia First. We are curious if Mission Australia are "incandesant" regarding the misuse of their name in the SMH's hateful agenda against the Party, or do they wholeheartedly support their agenda ???

  5. Seems another apology is on the way http://www.presscouncil.org.au/pcsite/adj/1463.html the Australian Media are out of control and the press council is a total waste of time.

  6. I have educated my Family and Friends
    not to give to Mission Australia, because
    they have lost their way a long time ago.
    I have made a complaint about how they
    operate their racist agenda, against
    Aussies. We will not be silenced to
    accepting their racist behaviour.