04 August 2010

Press Release : Charge Peter Garrett

Queensland Police asked to Charge Peter Garrett over Failure of Duty of Care.
Queensland Police have been sent a complaint in regards to the failure of the ex environmental minister Mr. Peter Garrett and his failure of his duty of care under section 289 of the criminal code.
 The code reads as such.

289 Duty of persons in charge of dangerous things:

It is the duty of every person who has in the persons charge or under the persons control anything whether living or inanimate and whether moving or stationary, of such nature that, in absence of care or precaution in its use or management, the life or safety, or health of any person may be endangered, to use reasonable care and to take precautions to avoid such danger, and the person is held to have caused any consequences which result to the life or health of any person by reason of any omission to perform that duty.

I believe that Mr. Garrett has failed in his duty of care and in his part of the chain of responsibility. Mr. Garrett should be be charged under section 289 of the Queensland Criminal code for his failure of his duty of care that led to the injury and death of insulation installers.

Mr. Garrett as the then Minister for the environment had failed in his duty of care and the law states that ANY PERSON THAT IS IN CHARGE OR IN CONTROL

Peter Schuback Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party QLD
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