22 August 2010

Federal Election 2010 Results

It appears that we have achieved around 10 000 votes for the Senate in QLD!

This is an incredible result when you consider the very low level of funds available to us, the almost total media black-out (despite some very creative efforts to gain publicity), the relative recency of the commencement of Australia First Party's activities in QLD, the relative size of our group at this stage and the gargantuan opposition we face!!! 

A HUGE thank you, on behalf of all of us (and our children) for those who dug deep and found the time, energy and money to contribute in any way to our struggle!  You should all be incredibly proud of the fact that we have stood our ground and fought, not for prestige or wealth, but for the sake of the integrity and survival of our society! 

An extra special mention goes to Peter Schuback for the most significant contribution of any of us...he poured his own hard-earned dollars into the campaign and literally worked around the clock while simultaneously continuing to run a highly complex business.  The rest of us should give ourselves a pat on the back for our efforts as well - I know that every one of us boldly did our bit and I'm hoping we have learned key lessons from this campaign - lessons that see us smarter and stronger - remember that boldness has genius, power and even magic in it!  All it takes to realise a dream is to persist in the face of ANY challenge! 
Today we are seeing the result as a positive sign - a sign that we have much more support than the mainstream expected of us. It is with this in mind that we now declare our intent to register Australia First Party in QLD well before the next State Election.  We will need your help to get the necessary minimum numbers for party registration - and, as we know from the long struggle it took to get the numbers for the Federal Registration, this CAN take considerable time - let's band together and get State Registration done ASAP.  Our Federal Registration was only achieved two months before this Federal Election, leaving us very little time to work on the finer details necessary. 

Let's get ourselves a longer lead-in time for the State Election!!!


  1. Well done Australia First. You are now out there
    and will gain more votes as you go from strength
    to strength! Thank you for making a stand for our
    Beautiful country and our gorgeous children.

  2. Excellent result....the hard yards paid off, the people of Australia are awakening from their slumber.....had it not been for the Nomenklatura counting the vote, in reality you probably received a much higher vote!!

  3. Cheers mate. This is just the start of greater things.

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  5. We have given our families copies of:
    The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the
    Communist Advance by Eric D. Butler.
    It is well worth a read, and you can see
    what we are up against. It is nice to see more
    and more Aussies are becoming active in
    protecting our freedom of speech!