19 August 2010

Press Release: Peter Schuback for Senate for Australia First Party

The Australia First Party is calling for a referendum on the reintroduction of the White Australia Policy.
Many Australians have asked why we are bringing into Australia people from countries that do not assimilate and that do not contribute to the Australian economy.

Many of these people are unskilled and, in many cases, do not respect the Australian way of life; and want to introduce their rules, religions and laws; and come from country's that are ruled by violence and the gun.
Australians are afraid that they are losing their way of life and they can no longer walk the streets of the their own suburbs without fear of being attacked.

Our elderly are afraid to leave their homes to walk to the shops in some suburbs.  If a person or group of people come to Australia, they must become part of our country and leave their old ways, religions and laws where they came from.

This is Australia and we must put the needs of Australians first and stop bringing people into the country who will not respect to our way of life or contribute to our society; and we must stop bringing people into our country who want to change our laws and force their religions on our children.

Vote above the line - Group K.

1 comment:

  1. The destructive ideal of assimilation is the policy of the APP. Assimilation is White genocide.

    So I'm thankful "people from countries that do not assimilate".