26 October 2010

Australia First Supports Inverbrackie People’s Struggle Against Refugee Invasion:

Time For A Community Strike!

Some 400 refugees will be dropped into the Adelaide Hills town of Inverbrackie. So much for the Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott election-period spin on deterring 'asylum seekers'.

Stop the boats? No: fly them in! Disused army facilities will be turned over to the parasites. A large protest meeting at the Woodside Town Hall on October 21 drew some 400 people.

The Australia First Party supports the people of the Adelaide Hills in their concerns and in their protests. The party will commence activities there very soon.

It is a people's struggle that is the decisive thing and it is difficult for direction to be found amidst the chaos of recolonization.

The dark terror that will be waged by Moslem extremists, Tamil Tiger guerrillas, Afghan drug criminals, African animists and so on is but a matter of time. It sums to culture busting (the process by which Australian community feeling and identity is broken down) and is also a type of state-terrorism against the Australian population - ethnic cleansing!

Resistance must become permanent, regardless of what the government does.

Australia First Party proposes the model of a Community Strike:

No Australian should collaborate in any way with any government agency which operates the project.

No Australian should communicate with any so-called refugee.

No Australian should accept any employment arising from the intrusion.

No Australian should attend any church or community group that supports the refugee invasion.

All should shun and avoid any person who violates these rules.

The people of the area should ensure the election of fighting councillors to defend their interests at local level.

Australians should affiliate to and support their Australian heritage or community organization of choice.

The people of Inverbrackie and the Hills area generally will be vilified by the national media and other psychological terrorists for any patriotic stand they take. To end the refugee invasion, to repudiate the United Nations treaties, to punish those in political office who have allowed this, are enormous questions. The people of Inverbrackie have been put in the front line of a battle for the future of Australia.

If you don't fight - you lose!

October 25 2010

The Australia First Party will campaign in the Adelaide Hills area on the matter of 'refugee' settlement.

The party has issued a general statement on some of its websites (as on this Blog).

It is argued by Australia First Party that the current Inverbrackie intrusion was planned long before the election period and that the current government was always well aware that numbers of supposed refugees (or in newspeak - 'asylum seekers') would explode. It is further argued that the Liberal Opposition has no policy other than to allow the influx.

Dr. Jim Saleam, speaking on behalf of the national management committee of the party said today:

"Unlike any other party in Australia we are pledged to repudiate all treaties on refugees. We are committed to their return to their countries of origin or to some other place. We are aware that the refugee numbers are limitless and their numbers can only increase with the failed wars of the New World Order system to which Australian politicians are loyal."

The Australia First Party does not interfere in the local efforts of Adelaide Hills people to resist the takeover of their communities by aliens, nor does it dictate any line to anyone. It works independently. The party will state its views without compromise.

Dr. Saleam continued:

"The refugee groups may or may not be genuine in any claims they make about their former homelands, although many are economic invaders, criminal elements and connected to extreme political violence. Their tales of woe are not our business, nor should they be used by clergymen or Human Rights agencies with false agendas. The 'refugees' are being used to culture- bust the Australian identity and heritage as the country is opened to massive population increases that will globalise its citizenry as the follow-on from the globalization of its economy and politics. This is recolonization."

Australia First Party will become a registered party in South Australia in due course.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

"Our program of resistance is a peaceful citizen-based protest which cuts ties of all sorts with state authority and its propagandists. Whether people can resist the Human Rights 'anti-racist' thuggery that will invade the Adelaide Hills will be a test of Australian resilience against the literal stealing of our futures with state-sanction. It is unique in human history."

Further enquiries: 0407 732 868

15 October 2010

The Voice - Chinese For Dinner (Video)

In this episode we take a look at the increasing amount of food from China that is appearing on our supermarket shelves. Most of it is coming in via the back door New Zealand where it is repackaged and sent off as being New Zealand produce. The rest is labelled as being made in Australia from local and/or imported ingredients. We are never told where these imported ingredients come from but with an increasing amount of toxic garbage from China being flooded into the country it is safe to say that every meal you eat is Chinese.

The situation is only going to get worse especially when you consider the much spruiked about water allocation cuts for farmers in the nation's food basket that is the Murray-Darling Basin. This is going to force many farmers off the land while increasing food prices even before Comrade Gillard's much hyped carbon tax is introduced and ensuring that even more of our food is Chinese. If the labor/watermelon coalition government was so concerned about the environment they would cut immigration and in fact install measures to reduce Australia's population. The fact is that farmers are being forced to produce more using fewer resources on land that is largely unsuitable for agriculture as most of our prime farming land has become suburbia.

Australia's secondary industry has all but been destroyed by the traitors in parliament adhering to the letter the recommendations of the Lima Declaration and now it appears that it is the turn of our primary producers to feel the pain of the New World Order Government. In the not too distant future when Australia has been stripped of its natural resources we will be left with an empty husk that will be the property of China. The only ones to benefit from this are the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolworths, multinationals and of course our masters the Chinese.

Will Australians ever wake up?

06 October 2010

100 Invasion craft and counting.

The Voice - The Invasion : 100 NOT OUT

"On the 4th of October the 100th boat of 2010 filled with so-called asylum seekers reached Australian waters. Despite the government's spin that it is trying to protect Australia's borders the smugglers bringing these bogus asylum seekers (invaders) to Australia know that the government is full of hot air and that the red carpet is well and truly laid out for them courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.

With each boat that illegally enters our waters more invaders are encouraged to make the journey so they can have a free ride for life at our expense, the cost of which is increasing exponentially. It is not just a monetary cost either as many areas across the country especially our cities resemble third world sewers and are full of no go zones. Never in history has a people sat back and watched their country disintegrate before their very eyes like the sheeple of Australia have allowed to happen. It is not going to stop under the current system and when the Greens (watermelons) gain the balance of power in the Senate on the 1st of July 2011 the destruction of the country will be stepped up several notches.

What would the nation's founders think if they could see what this once great country has become where the standard practice is to ignore and belittle unfortunate Australians while foreigners are given a free ride?