22 August 2010

Federal Election 2010 Results

It appears that we have achieved around 10 000 votes for the Senate in QLD!

This is an incredible result when you consider the very low level of funds available to us, the almost total media black-out (despite some very creative efforts to gain publicity), the relative recency of the commencement of Australia First Party's activities in QLD, the relative size of our group at this stage and the gargantuan opposition we face!!! 

A HUGE thank you, on behalf of all of us (and our children) for those who dug deep and found the time, energy and money to contribute in any way to our struggle!  You should all be incredibly proud of the fact that we have stood our ground and fought, not for prestige or wealth, but for the sake of the integrity and survival of our society! 

An extra special mention goes to Peter Schuback for the most significant contribution of any of us...he poured his own hard-earned dollars into the campaign and literally worked around the clock while simultaneously continuing to run a highly complex business.  The rest of us should give ourselves a pat on the back for our efforts as well - I know that every one of us boldly did our bit and I'm hoping we have learned key lessons from this campaign - lessons that see us smarter and stronger - remember that boldness has genius, power and even magic in it!  All it takes to realise a dream is to persist in the face of ANY challenge! 
Today we are seeing the result as a positive sign - a sign that we have much more support than the mainstream expected of us. It is with this in mind that we now declare our intent to register Australia First Party in QLD well before the next State Election.  We will need your help to get the necessary minimum numbers for party registration - and, as we know from the long struggle it took to get the numbers for the Federal Registration, this CAN take considerable time - let's band together and get State Registration done ASAP.  Our Federal Registration was only achieved two months before this Federal Election, leaving us very little time to work on the finer details necessary. 

Let's get ourselves a longer lead-in time for the State Election!!!

19 August 2010

Press Release: Peter Schuback for Senate for Australia First Party

The Australia First Party is calling for a referendum on the reintroduction of the White Australia Policy.
Many Australians have asked why we are bringing into Australia people from countries that do not assimilate and that do not contribute to the Australian economy.

Many of these people are unskilled and, in many cases, do not respect the Australian way of life; and want to introduce their rules, religions and laws; and come from country's that are ruled by violence and the gun.
Australians are afraid that they are losing their way of life and they can no longer walk the streets of the their own suburbs without fear of being attacked.

Our elderly are afraid to leave their homes to walk to the shops in some suburbs.  If a person or group of people come to Australia, they must become part of our country and leave their old ways, religions and laws where they came from.

This is Australia and we must put the needs of Australians first and stop bringing people into the country who will not respect to our way of life or contribute to our society; and we must stop bringing people into our country who want to change our laws and force their religions on our children.

Vote above the line - Group K.

New South Wales Labor Premier Supports White Australia Policy .

WHITE AUSTRALIA must not be regarded as a mere political shibboleth. It was Australia's Magna Carta. Without that policy, this country would have been lost long ere this. It would have been engulfed in an Asian tidal wave. There would have been no need for the Japanese to invade this country. We would have been swallowed up by the rolling advance of a horde of colored people, anxious to escape the privations of their own countries and prepared to impose their own standards on this country.

It is necessary only to examine the racial composition of present-day Fiji, where the Hindus have elbowed the natives out of the picture, to visualise what could have happened in this country had the White Australia policy not been fought for doggedly at the end of the l9th Century. We were then fighting for our national survival. Had we weakened, the flood gates would have opened and the natural increase of population according to Asian standards would have done the rest. It would then have been too late. This country would have become a pushover for the Asiatics.

The first Federal Platform for the Labor Party, adopted at an Interstate Conference held in Sydney on January 24, 1900, was a model of brevity. It was the platform on which the party fought its first Federal election in the following year. There were only three planks. They were (1) Electoral Reform, providing for one adult one vote. (2) Total Exclusion of colored and other undesirable races, and (3) Old Age Pensions.

The Conference also agreed that the Constitution should contain machinery for the Initiative and Referendum to alter the constitution, and that instead of double dissolutions there should be a National Referendum to settle deadlocks between the two Houses.

But it was the question of White Australia that knit the first Federal Labor Party together. In 1908 when the party decided to draft a much more elaborate platform, the first plank agreed upon was "Maintenance of White Australia." It headed the list.

So the Australian Labor Party was actually brought together with White Australia as its primary objective. Later the word-spinners put it much more elegantly as "The cultivation of an Australian sentiment, based on the maintenance of racial purity."

That was not, however, the real reason for the development of the White Australia policy. It did not have its origin in any idea of racial superiority, or color prejudice. From the start it was a simple bread-and-butter issue. Australian workers were trying to defend their own living standards. They were trying to save their jobs. They knew that unrestricted immigration of colored races would mean the introduction of a kind of industrial Gresham's Law - the bad wages would put the fair wage out of circulation. The white Australian worker would soon be reduced to coolie levels. Having got rid of convict labor, they did not want to be reduced to the rice bowl. Yet that was the threat that was actually hovering over the people of this country.

The man to whom we owe a great deal for saving Australia was Henry Parkes. He was not only a dogged believer in White Australia, but he also had the practical political brain capable of devising ways and means of overcoming the problem.

Trouble first started during the Gold Rush. It didn't take long for news of the strike to reach the gold merchants of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Chinese had flocked to the Californian fields in 1849, so that even today San Francisco has the largest Chinese settlement outside Asia. Then as the Californians pulled up their grub stakes and followed the trail to the new strikes in the Southern Hemisphere, the Chinese followed on. They were the fossickers of the goldfields.

Trouble broke out between the diggers and the Chinese on the Lambing Flat fields in July, 1861. The tough diggers attacked the Chinese and used strong-arm methods. There were all kinds of wild threats. The Government ordered troops into the fields, including artillery, and in the riots that followed one digger was killed. The miners then decided to take an interest in politics, with the elimination of the Chinese as their first objective. Lambing Flat is in fact just as significant in the history of the Labor Party in this State as Eureka Stockade was in Victoria.

Some of the mining companies had discovered that the Chinese were prepared to work longer hours for much lower wages than Australians. That was the chief reason why they were resented. Trouble spread to the shipping companies, and there were strikes brought about by the employment of Chinese on Australian ships.

Chinese were also coming into Australian ports, deserting and starting their own businesses. Parkes saw what was happening in Sydney. He announced that he was against further Chinese immigration. He was attacked by wealthy employers and accused of having a bias against the Chinese because they were colored. They said he was treating them as an inferior race. Parkes retorted:

"They are not an inferior race. They are a superior set of people. A nation of an old, deep-rooted civilisation. It is because I believe the Chinese to be a powerful race, capable of taking a great hold upon this country, and because I want to preserve the type of my own nation, I am and always have been opposed to the influx of Chinese."

The Cowper Government was the first to introduce a poll-tax on Chinese. After Lambing Flat it introduced a Chinese Immigration and Restriction Act which permitted the entry of only one Chinese to every 10 tons' burden of ship, with a poll-tax of £10 on every Chinese permitted to enter, and an annual payment of £4 for every year he remained in the State. Parkes further tightened the Act, and made the poll-tax apply not only to those coming in by sea, but also to those entering from another State.

In 1888 Parkes imposed even more drastic restrictions. He limited the number to one Chinese passenger to every 300 tons, increased the poll-tax to £100, refused them naturalisation and stipulated that they could not work in the mining industry without a permit from the Minister for Mines.

The fight had only just started. It was one thing imposing a poll-tax, but it was another policing it. One Chinese looked very much like another. Many slipped in without paying the head-tax. Gradually, they started to congregate in Chinese quarters in the city and take up their own occupations. Merchants indentured labor from Canton, and had the Chinese tied up with labor contracts that made them little better than slaves.

Furniture-making became one of the chief occupations. They were excellent cabinet makers. But instead of an eight-hour day, they were working twelve and fourteen hours, seven days a week. One of the principal parts of the city in which they congregated was the notorious Wexford Street, behind Mark Foys. It was a narrow, squalid street with lanes running off it, running from Elizabeth Street to Liverpool Street. It was later resumed for the building of Wentworth Avenue. But not before it had many crimes to its discredit, and a bubonic plague scare as well.

The Chinese also had another settlement out in Waterloo, while they had market gardens in Botany. In the city they had their own joss houses, their own restaurants, and their own stalls in Paddy's Markets. The itinerant Chinese vendor with his bamboo over his shoulder, carrying large vegetable baskets at each end, or selling feather dusters from door to door was a feature of inner city life. Personally most of the vendors were popular, and honest to a fault. But the trade unions realised that if the Chinese could get away with long hours and low pay they would not be in the race to get better conditions.

Urged on by the Labor Party, George Reid, in 1897, had a Bill for the Exclusion of Inferior Races passed through both Houses. When it reached the Governor, he decided to reserve it for Royal Assent. It was forwarded to Downing Street, and the British Government ruled that it would infringe on Britain's trading treaties with China, and might even endanger the holding of Hong Kong. So on the advice of her Government, Queen Victoria refused her Royal Assent. Reid returned to the attack, and passed another Bill which authorised the N.S.W. Immigration authorities to apply a dictation test to any intending immigrant, if they so decided. That was the origin of the Dictation Test device, which was later incorporated into the Commonwealth Immigration Act of 1901 and is still there. It has given the lawyers many rich briefs and has had some strange interpretations - even to the extent of being applied to British subjects with the approval of the High Court.

But in 1898 Reid only wanted to keep out the Chinese. There was no real trouble about other colored races. There were a few Hindus outback. There were Afghan hawkers with their camels along the Darling.

In Queensland they had the Kanaka problem with the sugar cane industry. The sugar mills said they couldn't compete with sugar grown with colored labor in the West Indies, or even Fiji. So they recruited island labor from the South Seas, who were called "Kanakas." Polynesians were indentured for five years at nominal wages. That led to the black-birding of labor in the islands by bullying captains. The Queensland Labor Party under Dawson and Fisher led the fight against Black Australia. Sir Samuel Griffiths, later Chief Justice, took up the cause and agreed to legislate to prohibit the importation of Kanakas from the islands. He won the elections and passed the Act. Then the sugar combine got to work. They told him that he would ruin the sugar industry. Griffiths then repudiated his election pledge, on which he had beaten McIlwraith and brought in a number of regulations regarding how the blacks should be employed. Labor kept up the fight in Queensland and eventually won, after agreeing to the proposition that the sugar industry should be subsidised by a bounty to keep it white. That was not until after Federation.

Meanwhile, Labor in New South Wales still had to win its fight. In the very first Labor League Conference in 1891 a motion was carried, and placed on the party's platform providing that all furniture made by Chinese labor should be stamped. It was generally believed that much of the work was shoddy.

Later, conference after conference dealt with the problem. The Furnishing Trade Union led the fight. They contended that white labor could not compete with colored labor because of the hours and conditions.

The Labor Party platform adopted by the 1909 Conference passed a resolution that the following should be placed on the fighting platform to be implemented by the first Labor Government to be elected:

(a) "All Chinese furniture factories to be restricted to 48 hours per week, and that the 48 hours be worked between 7.30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mondays to Fridays inclusive, and between 7.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturdays, and that overtime can only be worked after obtaining the sanction of the Department of Labor and Industry."

(b) "All Chinese furniture and other manufactures be so stamped."

That went on to the platform and remained there many years. The McGowen Government did nothing. The Holman Government had too many other matters on its mind, and during the First World War, the trade unions were not so active in their demands. Then John Storey again shelved the Trades Hall requests for action.

It was not until my Government passed the necessary legislation in 1926 that such furniture had to be properly stamped.

It had been almost impossible to police the Factories Act, while the Chinese could be used in back yards and back rooms. The finished goods were sold through wholesalers, and the retailers had no way of telling whether they were made by Chinese or white labor. But the stamping provisions ended all such doubts. The name of the manufacturer had to be clearly shown, and the industrial inspectors did the rest. The union also adopted an O.K. card, so that it was able to police the workers inside the industry, and inspect conditions.

It meant that Chinese employed in the industry had to get the same wages and conditions as other unionists. It ended the unfair competition. It also ended the shoddy furniture business. The union had the right to see that furniture was true to label, and institute prosecutions if any misrepresentation was being made. With all these precautions, it was not long before the threat of colored labor had disappeared from the industry. Trade union action finished the job started by the legislators.

Those who advocate admission of colored labor quotas invariably ignore the economic reasons responsible for the White Australia policy. While they had their origin in the anxiety of Australian workers to maintain their standards of living, the White Australia policy has more than justified itself on national security grounds. If this country had admitted Japanese even to the same degree that Honolulu admitted Japanese, what would our position have been in 1942? Would it be safe to admit unlimited numbers of Indonesians, Hindus or Chinese today?

Even the United States has had to wrestle with the problems of Jim Crowism, racial segregation and color discrimination. Labor didn't want this country to have similar problems. Had we listened to the do-gooders and the crusaders for international brotherhood and racial equality, the barriers would have come down long ago. Our living standard would have been destroyed. We would have had intermarriages of races, half-castes and quarter-castes with all the social dilemmas that invariably follow such racial mixtures. We would have had a Black, Brown and Brindle streak right through every strata of our society. Instead we risked the charge that we were drawing the color line. We decided to keep this country as a citadel of the white peoples. Australia is still White Australia thanks to those who battled against those who wanted to exploit colored labor for their own ends.

We must keep it that way. Jack Lang

Jack Lang was the Premier of New South Wales during 1925-1927 and 1930-1932.

18 August 2010

What If There Was A Referendum On The White Australia Policy?

Australians in growing numbers are concerned that immigration is not just a question of numbers,
but a matter of identity politics. If a referendum was held on immigration, there is no doubt
Australians would legislate for its ending as a program of government.

Australia First Party gives validity to these concerns in this election. Group K for the Queensland
Senate declared today:

" The abandonment of the great White Australia Policy in 1966 was not, as the liberals and leftists
and the globalists and humanists, would have it - the triumph of reason and humanity over racism
and darkness. Rather, it was the start of a process that may see the Euro Australian dispossessed
of his identity and country and our country recolonised. The former Policy was proclaimed by our
forebears as a policy of reason and justice, which set up Australia as a Nation. They harboured no
ideas of superiority or imperialism and they sought friendships with every people conditional upon
all understanding and accepting our right to be ourselves."

Australia First Party will mobilize throughout Queensland after this election and will strive to ensure a State Party is registered for the next State and Council elections. It will lead Australians not just on
economic and social issues as a party based upon the people must, but defend their identity and
heritage against those who would steal it from us.  The party does not shirk the hard questions and
will not conceal its commitment to serve the Australian People.

Group K said in conclusion:

"We believe that this election has given the people of Queensland a glimpse at the new force in this
State's politics. Over 100 years ago, our forebears ended slavery on the sugar plantations and on
the properties of the pastoralists and returned the slaves home with our blessing. That was the
great achievement of the White Australia Policy which Australia's present enemies refuse to
acknowledge. Today, the curse of contract labour scars Queensland. It will destroy the livelihoods
of tens of thousands and their families .Over 100 years ago, the threat of a peaceful invasion of
this State by immigration was turned back. Today, whole areas of Queensland are no longer
Australian. The enemies of the Australian People regard these contemporary things as normal and
acceptable. We do not. A vote for Australia First Party today is confirming the heroic past in the

Queenslanders! Vote for Australia First Party, Group K, Senate, on August 21.

16 August 2010


We have the right to question politicians’ decisions!
You have the right to speak your mind!

Having the right to true freedom of speech means having the right to debate public policy on any subject.

Third World immigration
The Asianisation of Australia Multiculturalism
Islam, and Muslim extremists

Should you be banned from discussing these topics in public? Should you be banned from expressing your opinion? To both these questions, we say NO!!!

Either we Australians have the right to debate – in public – any public policy, or we don’t have the right to free speech. Choose one or the other – it’s that simple.

Liberal and Labor politicians have brought in laws to fine and jail political opponents who argue against mass immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation. In this respect, these neo-fascist politicians show themselves to be much like the Communists, and assorted Third World dictators.

The government has created so-called “racial vilification” laws, which are actually designed to ensure that they can suppress free speech on immigration issues, and hide the terrible truth about Multiculturalism.

The Communists banned free speech under their regimes. Governments in Third World banana republics often arrest their opponents using anti-democratic laws, trumped-up charges, or politically-motivated prosecutions over legal “technicalities”, in order to silence political opposition. Government-funded Multiculturalists are now operating in the same vein as those Marxists, and tin-pot dictators.

No matter what neo-fascist Multiculturalist laws are passed by Liberal and Labor politicians, their Thought Crime laws are not morally valid. Especially abhorrent are the Multiculturalist “racial vilification” laws wherein telling the truth is not a defence! 

Australian juries have the right to refuse to convict anyone who has been arrested for expressing their political and social beliefs. Government campaigns of political intimidation should be opposed by all fair-dinkum Australians.

We Australians are threatened by mass Third World immigration and the political ideology of Multiculturalism.

We have the right to tell the truth.
We have the right to put forward our opinion.
We have the right to use our freedom of speech.

Without these rights, we are not free!!! Join us, and fight back against the politicians!

Our Troops are getting the Message. Are you?

This was sent via email to one of the  Australia First Senate Candidates Peter Schuback. The Author a serving member of our Defence Forces on deployment has kindly taken time out to ask his fellow countrymen to support Australia First on its Senate Bid. . Can you do the same? We thank him for his message and promise to get out there and do our best.

Hi Everyone,

We need to get serious about our country and get these self serving grubs out of power and bring in people who will work for us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on &** $# @^ *& !@ whilst I am in %^*%

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

11 August 2010

Senate Candidates Snubbed by MSM.

A message from Australia First QLD candidate Peter Schuback.

Smaller parties and independent senate candidates are not being given equal time in either the media or in meetings being held to meet the candidates.

Senate candidates are being left out in the cold to try to get their message across to members of the voting public. Issues like homeless people, Health, Pensioner issues, Foster parents, Mental health, Boat people and illegal and over staying foreign nationals, Multiculturalism and immigration are all issues that all senate candidates should be able to address, this is not happening and the public are not getting to see what the potential senators can offer.

Senators are the policeman of the government and as such have the right to pass or knock back bills. I am running for the senate for the Australia First party and we have a message for the members of the public of not only Queensland but Australia and yet we are being ignored. Our party as the name suggests is all about looking after Australians FIRST. 

We want to stop all immigration until we have the infrastructure in place to take more people. We need to bring our current infrastructure up to a world’s best standard before we invite any more people here. We want to send every person that enters our country illegally or that over stays their visa back to where ever they have came from. We want more facilities for homeless people, more facilities for people with mental illness and more programs put in place to intervene and look after people before they get to a stage where they are going to harm or kill themselves. We want more money for our pensioners and we want pensioners that return to work after they have retired at 65 for men and 60 for ladies to be able to work for up to 20 hours a week before they pay any tax and before the extra income affects their pensions. (Let’s bring back the skills of the past to educate the young of the present) We want more support for foster parents, (They are the ones that are looking after some of Australia’s Most disadvantaged children) we want to rebuild our industry base and insure our farming communities, fishing and small business people stay strong and viable. We want to bring in sustainable rates for truckies.

If elected to the senate I will be asking for a senate inquiry into such things as petrol prices. Our major food retailers and the prices paid at farm gate price to the price the consumer pays retail. I will also be getting advice on changing our taxation system so that we all pay a fair and equitable amount of tax. I will be pushing for our superannuation monies to be kept in Australia and to be used for major infrastructure programs with the government issuing bonds against that money paying a commercial rate of interest. 

A standard gauge railway line from Melbourne to Toowoomba and on to Cairns with a line going from Toowoomba to Darwin hooking up with the Alice Springs to Adelaide line, a water pipe to run from north Queensland along the rail corridor to service every town on that route. Money into our highways and factories to be set up in country and regional areas to build solar hot water and electrical panels that will be supplied to every home and business in Australia to cut green house gasses. These panels would be paid for by the consumers instead of paying for the electricity they use now.

I will be asking that the banking industry be investigated by a senate inquiry and also that we as a country set up another bank owned by the people along the lines of the old Commonwealth bank.

Our pensioners are getting ripped off, their pension was to be 50 % of the basic wage paid to a male worker and those people that are still working are still paying 6.9 % of their tax to pay for that pension. We have to get more medical students into our universities and if a uni student that takes up medicine and signs a contract to spend at least five years in a country and or regional centre after the completion of their course those students would get free university. Any student that fails to honour their contract would have to pay back all university costs plus fifty percent. 

We need to train our own doctors and nurses and we need to stop importing doctors that hardly speak or understand English. If you cannot communicate with your doctor how do you tell him or her what is wrong with you. This lack of communication will lead to the deaths of patients. Like I have said there are many issues that need to be addressed and we have a duty of care to insure that all Australians are treated in the best possible way and without fear or favour and that our tax monies go to building a better Australia. 

Peter Schuback
Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party
07 41 24 88 99

10 August 2010

What do you get when you vote 1 Group K Australia First in QLD.


Candidate Party
1 Peter SCHUBACK Australia First
2 Nick MAINE Australia First
3 Rod EVANS One Nation
4 Ian J NELSON One Nation
5 Andrew Mark PETER Shooters and Fishers Party
6 Chris HUGGETT Shooters and Fishers Party
7 Terence Leonard CARDWELL The Climate Sceptics
8 Lance Herbert JONES The Climate Sceptics
9 Mark WHITE Independent
10 Don BAMBRICK Independent
11 Mark Leslie Chapman SMITH Independent
12 Jarrod John WIRTH Independent
13 Peter PYKE -
14 Maurie CARROLL Independent
15 Anne VETTER Carers Alliance
16 Vicki HORNE Carers Alliance
17 Keith DOUGLAS Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
18 Michael MANSFIELD Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
19 Christopher Ronald TOOLEY -
20 John DOWELL -
21 Lachlan GUERIN -
22 John Richard PYKE -
23 Russell WATTIE -
25 Mary SPENCER -
26 Joh EMBREY Senator On-Line
27 Paul SPENCER -
28 Scott READING Senator On-Line
29 Wendy FRANCIS Family First Party
30 Peter FINDLAY Family First Party
31 Amanda NICKSON Family First Party
32 Tony ZEGENHAGEN DLP - Democratic Labor Party
33 Angelique Maree BARR DLP - Democratic Labor Party
34 Noel W JACKSON DLP - Democratic Labor Party
35 Robert THIES Citizens Electoral Council
36 Maurice Verney HETHERINGTON Citizens Electoral Council
37 Desiree Lee GIBSON Australian Sex Party
38 Tim SHEEN Australian Sex Party
39 Sam WATSON Socialist Alliance
40 David LOWE Socialist Alliance
41 Robert FULTON Liberal Democratic Party
42 Jim FRYAR Liberal Democratic Party
43 Tony VOGEL Christian Democratic Party
44 Malcolm BRICE Christian Democratic Party
45 Jennifer CLUSE Australian Democrats
46 Paul Joseph STEVENSON Australian Democrats
47 Kat ALBERTS Secular party of Australia
48 Peter SHELTON Secular party of Australia
49 Julie BOYD Liberal National
50 Shannon FENTIMAN Australian Labor Party
51 Jenny STIRLING Greens
52 Russell TROOD Liberal National
53 David SMITH Australian Labor Party
54 Brett MASON Liberal National
55 Jan McLUCAS Australian Labor Party
56 Elizabeth Louise Alice CONNORS Greens
57 Barnaby JOYCE Liberal National
58 Joe LUDWIG Australian Labor Party
59 George Henry BRANDIS Liberal National
60 Larissa WATERS Greens

09 August 2010

Australia First QLD Senate How to Vote Card.

Please download this how to vote card and distribute widely if you are in QLD. Download and print as many as you like, you may even consider putting some out in your street. Man a local polling booth on election day? Hand them out for an hour or stay all day? Put them up at your local shopping centre or notice board. Print out enough to put out at a pre election voting booth. If you cant download them or you cant print any please contact us at afpqld@hotmail.com and we will post some out to you. Remember "A people who are sheep get a government of wolves." Download Here or HERE

07 August 2010

Australia's Asian migrant intake soars

We reproduce here an article from the mainstream press. Its facts are correct. Australia First calls for an end, an absolute end to immigration.
Australia's Asian migrant intake soars
John Masanauskas From: Herald Sun July 29, 2010 7:44PM
'AUSTRALIA'S Asian migrant population has soared in the past decade, with almost a million Chinese, Indians and Vietnamese now calling the nation home. The Asian-born population has risen from 5.3 per cent in 1999 to almost 9 per cent, an Australian Bureau of Statistics report reveals.
'About 81,000 migrants settled in Victoria last year, most in Melbourne.
'Monash University demographer Dr Bob Birrell said the figure, which includes foreign students, was enormous.
"You can see why Melbourne has been growing so rapidly and why there are concerns about congestion and quality of life," he said.
'Dr Birrell said more than half of the nation's 300,000 migrant growth in 2008-09 occurred in Melbourne and Sydney and was mainly driven by Asian settlers.
'The Chinese and Hong Kong-born community has reached more than 430,000, while the number of Indian-born settlers has passed 300,000, the ABS's Migration 2008-09 report said. Only the British and New Zealand migrant groups are bigger.
'The nation's European-born population has fallen from 12.5 per cent to 11 per cent over the past decade.
'About 60 per cent of current migration to Victoria is from Asia, led by Indians, Chinese and Sri Lankans.
'Humanitarian arrivals tend to live in suburbs such as Springvale, Dandenong, Footscray and Sunshine, while skilled migrants are concentrated in areas such as Clayton, Oakleigh and Glen Waverley.
'Dr Birrell said while migration to Australia from Britain and New Zealand was high, Victoria's share of those settlers was low.
"They are in effect bypassing Melbourne and going mainly to Queensland and Western Australia," he said.
'Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for a population debate, saying she does not support a big Australia.
'But the Government has made no commitment to slash the migrant intake.
'The Coalition has pledged to cap the annual number at 170,000 over the next three years, but Labor says numbers are already falling to those levels.
'The ABS report also revealed that 40 per cent, or 2.2 million Victorians, moved over the past five years.
SOURCE: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/australias-asian-migrant-intake-soars/story-e6frf7kx-1225898653137

06 August 2010

From SMH http://www.smh.com.au/federal-election/sky-high-on-rudd-as-abc-protects-its-saucers-20100806-11l4h.html

"Women and children last
The Australia First Party has come up with its own win-win solution for raising funds for the homeless and awareness about the plight of boat people this National Homeless Persons Week.

Under Mission Australia's Winter Sleepout banner, a goon squad of AFP members camped outside the Virginia Palms Hotel in the Brisbane suburb of Boondall.
The choice of campsite was influenced by the 80 women and children seeking asylum being put up in the hotel instead of Christmas Island.
Mission Australia become incandescent with outrage when it learned AFP was subverting its Winter Sleepout. It demanded an immediate end to fund-raising activities as it considered the political party pushed "hateful and divisive views".
The AFP's Jane Mengler offered to return funds collected during the sleepout."

Truth of the matter is that Jane Mengler did not organise this event nor have ANYTHING to do with it.  The Sydney Morning Herald has surely made more than its fair share of false claims against Ms Mengler!!!  More CHURNALISM from the Sydney Morning Herald!

Letters to Editors

To the Editorial of
the Courier Mail
Dear Sirs,
               Re.: Letter of A. Barton, Boondall, Pg. 33 of the Courier Mail of 5th August, 2010
               Above-named letter-writer tells us that the homeless should not be afraid about illegal immigrants and that the homeless should ask St. Vinnies for accommodation. That's the typical naive attitude of a heart-bleeding do-gooder. Why is A. Barton not telling the illegal immigrants, who are housed in luxury-accommodation to ask St. Vinnies for a place in their hostels or cockroach-invested boarding-houses? Why not housing the homeless of this Country in luxury-accommodation, like the illegal immigrants who broke the law. Can't he see through the double-standard, hypocrisy and social injustice of his argument. The people living in poverty in Australia have nothing else than contempt for the derelict actions of the government and churchy-welfare-businesses to have the people depraved and deprived through their derelict degenerate humanism, based on sex, drugs and rock'n roll.
And certainly this newspaper never will mention that the only candidate for the Senate in Queensland, namely Mr. Peter Schuback of the Australia First Party
was among the homeless protesters and showing solidarity with them!
With best regards,
Yours sincerely
John Brown

04 August 2010

The Voice - Darwin Detention Centre

This is the story of Darwin the city of two illegal immigration detention centres and multiple places of 'alternative' accommodation for the flood of illegal boat invaders that have invaded Australia because of the Rudd/Gillard government's open borders policies.

First up there is the Northern Immigration Detention Centre in Berrimah which currently has a capacity of 554. Then there is the Asti Motel which is located in the heart of Darwin that is being used to pamper the poor little invaders. Last but not least there is the 200 room Marrara Detention Centre which is close to Darwin's airport that the owner originally denied was going to be Darwin's second detention centre.

While less fortunate Australians are regarded as surplus to requirements the invaders are given free accommodation, food, clothing, medical, dental and schooling as they wait for their illegitimate claims to be processed and are placed first on the public housing list as soon as they gain entry. It is no wonder that they still keep coming since the docile Australian taxpayer keeps paying for it while his fellow countrymen are treated like dirt. Will the sheeple of Australia ever wake up and look after their own first?


Michael Smith editorial: The Australian government is giving preference to asylum seekers rather than homeless Australians. It seems around 80% of Australian couples, with children, facing homelessness are denied any kind of emergency accommodation. Listen now and have your say. Listen HERE

Press Release : Charge Peter Garrett

Queensland Police asked to Charge Peter Garrett over Failure of Duty of Care.
Queensland Police have been sent a complaint in regards to the failure of the ex environmental minister Mr. Peter Garrett and his failure of his duty of care under section 289 of the criminal code.
 The code reads as such.

289 Duty of persons in charge of dangerous things:

It is the duty of every person who has in the persons charge or under the persons control anything whether living or inanimate and whether moving or stationary, of such nature that, in absence of care or precaution in its use or management, the life or safety, or health of any person may be endangered, to use reasonable care and to take precautions to avoid such danger, and the person is held to have caused any consequences which result to the life or health of any person by reason of any omission to perform that duty.

I believe that Mr. Garrett has failed in his duty of care and in his part of the chain of responsibility. Mr. Garrett should be be charged under section 289 of the Queensland Criminal code for his failure of his duty of care that led to the injury and death of insulation installers.

Mr. Garrett as the then Minister for the environment had failed in his duty of care and the law states that ANY PERSON THAT IS IN CHARGE OR IN CONTROL

Peter Schuback Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party QLD
07 412 488 99

AF QLD plea for Sanity, Winter Sleep Out Brisbane Video.

03 August 2010

Next Protest

This Sunday 8th August - 10am at Parliament House in Brisbane.  Please promote widely immediately - this is a hot topic, media are sniffing around and it is Homeless Person's Week!

Mission Australia have, as of today, withdrawn their support for us but that just means we won't be fundraising for them - the cause remains the same.... I refuse to be intimidated by threats of legal action - this cause is too important.


"Dear Jane 

It’s come to our attention that you and people/organisations you are associated with are seeking to hold a protest under Mission Australia’s Winter Sleepout banner this week at the Virginia Palms Hotel in Boondall coinciding with National Homeless Persons’ Week.

Mission Australia does not support this protest nor the misuse of the Winter Sleepout name in this way.

As a result Mission Australia has taken the decision to terminate your registration as a participant in Winter Sleepout effective immediately.

To continue using either ‘Mission Australia’ or ‘Winter Sleepout’ in conjunction with your activities, or in any way suggesting Mission Australia sanctions your event, could result in us pursuing legal action.

Can I take the opportunity to further disassociate Mission Australia from your activities by stating the following:

Mission Australia wholeheartedly supports the right of refugees to come this country.

Mission Australia supports the policy approach of providing care to refugees in the community.

We work with hundreds of refugees every day, helping them resettle and have a deep undertstanding of the often traumatic issues affecting them.

Mission Australia is aware of your intention to organise homeless people to participate in your protest. Mission Australia does not support the exploitation of vulnerable homeless people for this end.

Mission Australia completely rejects the hateful and divisive views underpinning your planned protest and those groups devoted to promulgating them.

I hope this message provides you with a clear understanding of our position."


Jen Cramond - Community Fundraising Manager, Mission Australia
E:     cramondj@missionaustralia.com.au | P: (02) 9219 8016 | M :  0449 178 474
A:     L8 580 George St, Sydney NSW 2000| W:     www.missionaustralia.com.au

Jennifer,  Thank you for your email....I HOPE this is a simple misunderstanding - perhaps a misunderstanding created by some biased media reporting somewhere????  If you can point me to this or whatever it was that gave you the impression we are motivated by 'divisive and hateful' and views, I will then be able to understand and forgive the very hurtful accusations in your email.

The point is that, due to very vocal lobby groups, claiming to be acting on behalf of refugees, the refugees are receiving BETTER treatment than our homeless citizens - it is this inequity to which we wish to draw attention.  This, by no means, suggests we do not care about the refugees.  We care about a total approach to the world's problems - a solution rather than constant 'band-aid' efforts.  These are not difficult subtleties to grasp...surely....

When it comes to refugees we would prefer that the government deals more appropriately with the causes of the problems in the countries of origin of the people who are forced to leave their loved ones and homelands to travel to a foreign Nation for refuge! 

Our government does NOTHING to fight against the imperialistic actions of mining and oil companies (and other parasitic global corporations) that deliberately create and/or inflame ethnic/political divisions within the countries where they wish to take control of natural resources or access routes.  THIS courageous governmental action to refuse to support these activities, is what is needed - otherwise the whole rest of the world - all of us decent people who take regular time out of our busy lives to assist the homeless AND refugees will be constantly mopping up an ever-increasing human tragedy!

If the media reported accurately on what our stance is regarding this and the homelessness issue, then you would know this.  Can you please, at the very least, advise what belief you were labouring under when you penned the email?

Our goal is to assist ALL Australians to have a decent opportunity to be self-sufficient AND, at the same time, to force our government to face up to the hypocrisy of its support for wars for oil, lack of action on alternative fuel sources, lack of real concern for atrocities (such as Gaza) etc etc......I have no doubt that most of the refugees that come to Australia would RATHER their own Nation became a safe place to stay, rather than coming here and facing an incredibly difficult battle re-settling their families.

It is interesting to note, in your email that you admit that a lot of the resources of charities such as yours are also being diverted to this end - ie. dealing with people from OTHER Nations. 

For some reason, anyone who questions the arrival of refugees into Australia is instantly labelled, as a fait accompli, 'hateful' and 'racist'.  Could it be, perhaps, that those who control the corporate media are biased to prefer to keep the current state of insanity (where-by our government contributes to creating the very problems that create refugees)?

We would be the last people to exploit vulnerable people!  We are fighting HARD to get our government to make some REAL changes that will stop the ever-increasing numbers of homeless Australians and refugees.

One has to wonder why the agencies and individuals involved in 'helping' these people seem hell-bent on avoiding to help anyone who seeks to STOP the creation of more homeless and refugees.  So many agencies and individuals who work in these areas appear happier to continue to keep their job in social work, psychology or whatever, rather than working to PREVENT mental illness, drug abuse, international policies that create division in other Nations etc!!!!!!!  One HAS to wonder what their REAL motives are?  QUI BONO?

I trust you that you and I are, actually, on the same side!
If the registration is terminated then I'm sorry but I cannot continue to support your cause or to fund-raise for you.  My registration was faxed to you on Friday and terminated today, so would you like any money we managed to collect during that period?

Yours in faith and the pursuit of truth and REAL liberty for all!