14 August 2012

Property Rights

Your reporter recently (29th-30th June 2012) attended the annual meeting, in Rockhampton Queensland this year, of Property Rights Australia, a group of which he has been a very ordinary member for a number of years, usually without attending anything.

Young nationalists may wonder what a property rights group has to do with the interests of nationalists. This is one of those matters that aren’t what they appear to be, to a casual glance. Secure property rights are one of the things that make the difference between a civilised country and an uncivilised one.

Without going into a lot of romantic stuff about our Christian heritage and the gradual development of “law and order” and the protection of the individual down through the centuries, it is still true, generally speaking, that our rellies in Europe and North America have secure property rights, and the dwellers in the uncivilised world do not.

In the uncivilised world, generally speaking, individuals do not have property: they are property. Their superiors own them. This is of course also the position of, for example, soldiers, even in the civilised world.

The first property right for the individual is the right not to be the property of someone more important, or of a group or commune. Communists disregard property rights, and even their highest leaders, once fallen from grace, have no practical rights against collective decisions. Lenin himself was strictly supervised, told what he could and could not write, in his last days.

The existence of people with secure property rights is a great hindrance to power-hungry governments. They do everything they can to whittle property rights away.

At present the stress point for property rights is the “global warming” story concocted by the environmentalists. It is claimed that the deadly danger of global warming makes it necessary for governments to override property rights. This drives people who own real property (land) wild: they never know what rights are going to be taken away next.

One of the differences between Communists and Fascists is that Communists seize property, but Fascists tell you it is still yours and you are still responsible for it, but they will tell you what you can and can’t do with it, often in considerable detail. Our democratic governments today are very much fascist governments. They have even taken over the family, telling parents increasingly what they can and cannot do with their children, while still holding the parents responsible if the children go wrong.

That is the great joke of the twentieth century: Mussolini and Hitler were denounced as evil men, and their armies were defeated, but the principles they had in common were increasingly adopted by their erstwhile enemies.

Today, we in Australia are the property of the worldwide collective. The plan is apparently to breed us out of existence, in favour of other races who for one reason or another enjoy the favour of the higher groups (pseudo-intellectuals and sentimentalists) who own us. (We might recall the replacement of Hereford cattle by Zebus forty years ago as an analogy.) We do not have property: we are property, and we are junk property at that. Our owners are planning to switch brands.

05 August 2012

The Olympic ideal doesn't extend to freedom of thought

In a move that reveals the true nature of political oppression in the world today, the German Olympic Committee is to send German rower Nadja Drygalla home because it is alleged that her boyfriend is an official in the German political party NPD (National Democrats) -- a party considered by its opponents to be "neo-Nazi".

Read the full report here:

We draw readers' attention to the following statement from German Olympic Committee official Michael Vesper: "If she confirms that she has nothing to do with (the far-right), why shouldn't she continue (to compete for Germany)?"

Attentive readers will notice that implicit in this statement is the simple fact that if she does in fact have any involvement personally in the "far-right", then her career is over.  This should surprise no-one.  The SMH article also mentions that her relationship was the reason for her resignation from the German police.  We might conclude that the resignation was not entirely a matter of choice, but the article does not specify.

Michael Vesper, incidentally, was until 2006 a German politician representing the far-left party Alliance 90/The Greens.

01 August 2012

An announcement regarding the Australia First email account

It has been brought to the attention of Australia First organisers that the official email contact for the Queensland Branch of the Party (afpqld@hotmail.com) is no longer being maintained.  Unfortunately, this has led to the suspension of the account in question.  This matter has been rectified, however a consequence of the suspension is that any emails received before the suspension occurred have been lost and cannot be recovered.

We understand that this is frustrating to all concerned, but request that anyone who has raised any important matters with us at this email address please re-send your email.  We guarantee that it will be answered promptly.  It is our firm resolve to put this unfortunate incident behind us by ensuring an efficient and businesslike service to all enquirers and supporters from this time forward.