22 October 2011

Discrimination against Australians -- in our own land!

Check out the following advertisement, placed on the internet classifieds site Gumtree:


The advertisement, for an accounts clerk, specifies:
Must be fluent in Indian dialect – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and or other Indian Language is an advantage

How much more of this must we endure?

Wake up Australia -- we are being displaced.  Will you still vote ALP/LNP at the next election?  It is important that we all understand very clearly (and make others understand) that the so-called major parties have been, for many years, complicit in this active policy of "reverse" (sic) discrimination, open borders and the ever-present obsession with the "free flow of labour and capital".

Of course, it had to be so.  The poor confused devils in the old guard of both "major" parties, not to mention many in the One Nation Party, Bob Katter's "Australian" Party (it is no such thing -- just read their policies, in particular point 21 of their programme which reveals their stance in favour of mass immigration) and various other civic nationalist groups, simply don't understand the problem.  Yet it is very simple.  The reason we have a multicultural policy today is in part because the powers-that-be want to create a society with no identity, which suits their programme perfectly; but it is also -- and this must be acknowledged -- because the former policy of assimilation was an utter failure, and in fact did fail before multiculturalism was ever thought of.  As much as anything else, multiculturalism represents the typical political response to any problem: find the line of least resistance and follow it.  This is exactly what has been done.  When assimilation failed -- as it has failed, and is now catastrophically failing in countries such as France, which famously rejected multiculturalism and stuck with assimiliationism to the bitter end -- it led to an ethnically divided population, as indeed it always must.  Faced with this, it has always been easier for politicians to simply accept the situation rather than address the problem.

So what does the future hold?  For the time being, more of the same.  A policy to import labour on a vast scale, irrespective of origin, must create a multi-ethnic state.  Nationalists have long predicted that the result would be a society in which businesses, politicians and public people of all types are under constant pressure to conform to the combined interests and tastes of the many ethnicities present within the broader society and in particular, to those dominant in their local area.  The link posted above is just one example among a large and exponentially growing body of evidence in support of this prediction.

What is the solution?  We must reject the lie that mass immigration benefits our society.  We must change how we think, how we vote, how we consume -- always with a view to our long-term interests, not just the next five minutes. And above all else, we must remain true to our identity, our people and our nation.

Australia First is ready to accept this challenge and we call on you to be part of the fight.

18 October 2011

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15 October 2011

Have your say on "asylum seekers"

Show the ABC what real Australia thinks about the boat invaders!

ABC News Radio has regular polls on their website. Today's question:

"Are you in favour of asylum seekers being released into the community after initial health and security checks?"

To have your say, follow this link:


The ABC has for too long perceived itself to be an impenetrable fortress for the globalist, "open borders" world-view. By regularly visiting sites like the one above and voting in these polls, we can begin the process of taking back these bastions of anti-nationalism and allow the voice of real Australia to be heard once more.

Let's give the ABC and its politically correct supporters a rude awakening!

10 October 2011

Shocking report on sex slavery in Australia to air on ABC TV tonight

The story below is from ABC Radio's AM programme and heralds a disturbing report to be aired tonight on "Four Corners" (ABC 1).  Naturally, the ABC will not discuss or highlight in any way the obvious ethnic dimension to the problem -- that would go against the diktat of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. We urge nationalists to watch tonight's broadcast and see for themselves the true nature of a multi-ethnic state.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3335636.htm
Audio: http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/news/audio/am/201110/20111010-am5-sex-slaves.mp3

Sex slavery prevalent in Australia

TONY EASTLEY: There are hundreds of legal brothels operating in suburbs right across Australia but elements of the industry have been tied to human trafficking and sex slavery.

Tonight Four Corners exposes the criminal underworld that's meeting demands for Australia's big sex industry.

Bronwyn Herbert reports.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The trade in sex trafficking is growing internationally and Australia is cemented in this business.

BROTHEL WORKER: I give you some information about the shop.


BROTHEL WORKER: Tonight we only have Asian girls working - is okay for you?

REPORTER: Yeah I'll meet them, yeah.

BROTHEL WORKER: Okay, the price is half hour …

BRONWYN HERBERT: Hundreds of women say they've been forced to work in Australia as sex slaves.

A woman known as "Rose" moved to Australia to study English at a private language school.

But soon after arriving in Melbourne, she received a phone call from her agent in China - a woman she knew by the name of 'Taiwan Linda' telling her she now had a debt of more than $20,000 and would have to work to pay it off.

ROSE: I went blank in my mind. I was really shocked.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The testimony was provided after a police raid at a Melbourne brothel known as Madam Leona's.

ROSE: I decided to try and leave the flat right then. I moved toward the front door and Kevin physically stopped me from leaving by using his body and arms to stand in front of me.

KATHLEEN MALTZAHN: Down the road on the other side of Brunswick Street there is a brothel that hasn't had any trapping to my knowledge but the owner of that was convicted of child prostitution a number of years ago. Beyond that in Smith Street there is a place that has closed down now but at least one person I know, one woman I know was trafficked there.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Kathleen Maltzahn is an anti-trafficking campaigner and believes the cases the Federal Police have uncovered are only a fraction of the problem:

KATHLEEN MALTZAHN: No one's really looking, no one's really counting in Australia.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The trail of evidence from many women trafficked to Australia - led Four Corners to the Chinese island state of Taiwan.

Justine Wang represents Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation.

JUSTINE WANG: For that Mrs Chen's case I think she already traffic at least hundreds more than 100 women.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Justine Wang says the woman known as "Taiwan Linda" plays a big role supplying women to brothels in Australia.

JUSTINE WANG: She hired lawyer in China to help those women pass the language test and then apply for student visa and then using their student visa to traffic women into Australia and force them into prostitution.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Pei-Yu Huang is a prosecutor in Taiwan. He says at least 60 girls have been trafficked from Taiwan to Australia but he says Australian police haven't requested the evidence:

PEI-YU HUANG (translated): I don't know how Australia and Taiwan can collaborate on this case but I think it is good if we can share information especially about Yao Yao (phonetic) because she trafficked Chinese girls to Australia and although we have evidence in Taiwan it's out of my jurisdiction.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Chris McDevitt from the AFP warns clients of brothels be warned.

CHRIS MCDEVITT: If they knowingly go into these situations and knowingly use somebody who is subject to slavery, they can find themselves at the end of a criminal charge, and I would have no hesitation, and indeed would relish the opportunity of locking anybody up that was actually involved in that knowingly.

TONY EASTLEY: Chris McDevitt , the commander of the human trafficking unit with the Australian Federal Police, ending that report from Bronwyn Herbert.

The full story tonight on Four Corners, at 8.30 on ABC1.