13 March 2012

Immigration Gumballs

We, as nationalists, are of course concerned about the problem of immigration: the stresses caused by excessive immigration on our environment and society, as well as the particular threat to our culture and identity posed by allowing migrants from non-European societies.

But sometimes the raw figures are just too abstract to get a handle on.

So the next time someone tries to argue with you that immigration is a win-win, helping our society to grow and helping the third world to alleviate their over-population problem, get that person to watch the inconic video presentation Immigration Gumballs. This video offers a simple, powerful and striking visual demonstration of just what kind of numbers we are really looking at when immigration and population statistics are involved. The reality presented here is truly staggering.

03 March 2012

Australia: For Sale

More on the continuing sale of Australian farm land to China:


Chinese corporations are buying land in Australia at an alarming rate and fears continue to mount that this will lead to a situation where China owns large tracts of Australian land, employs Chinese labourers to work that land and the sends the products back to China, cutting Australians completely out of the loop in a process that creates no profit or wealth for Australia whatsover.  As anyone with an eye to the bigger picture knows, the world is rapidly heading for a future in which the demand for food and water will be increasingly difficult to meet.  For a long time, we have shrugged off such concerns here in Australia, content that we can feed ourselves and profit by feeding the rest of the world too.  But not if someone else owns the means by which this food will be produced! 

So what is our government doing about it?  According to the linked article, the only action our "leaders" in Canberra have taken is to increase the allowable threshold below which foreign takeovers will not be investigated.  In other words, their only response is to help these Chinese corporations avoid any annoying red tape that might hold up their plans.  (Imagine if they did things like that for Australian businesses!)

We must wake up to the ramifications of this before it is too late.  Australians must reject the parties of the system and support genuine nationalists if our nation is to have a future.
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01 March 2012

Published Letter: Peter Watson

Readers might be aware of recent events surrounding the disendorsement of Labor candidate Peter Watson.

For those who are not, see this background item:

The following letter by Stanthorpe resident Jay Nauss was published in The Stanthorpe Border Post on 28 February and demonstrates that it is always worthwhile making the effort to "be heard".

The letter follows:

Peter Watson hit the political BIG time when he got the sack as the ALP candidate for Southern Downs. And to boot he was kicked out of the ALP.

His crime was stating on Facebook, about five years ago, that he disapproved of homosexuals and linked them to pedophilia. Anyone who criticizes “gays” and their life style will face scandalous persecution. There are some things in this country that one must never question and the “gay” life style is one of them. When it comes to free speech on this issue, it doesn’t exist.

Interestingly, sitting member Springborg waded into the debate and backed up Anna in her scathing attack on young Watson. What ever happened to: “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.”

Once again the LNP and ALP have demonstrated that they are operating on the same side of the fence.

The young Watson will have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for speaking his mind in an otherwise politically correct world.

Jay Nauss

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