11 March 2013

Katter...enough is enough...!!!!!

Bob Katter is part of the longstanding mainstream political elite who have stuffed this country completely. He sat on the cross benches as an independent for several decades decrying political parties as the spawn of the devil ... then as a swansong, on the brink of retirement and a massive golden handshake as an independent, he creates ... wait for it ... a ... Political Party. A bit late in any political career to start getting good ideas, especially when he has been in the parliament as long as he has just warming a seat. His actions are designed to split the nationalist vote and to scuttle the vote that would go a real Australian Nationalist party such as Australia First and to render their vote ineffective so the Libs/Nats can win without a substantial portion of the vote going to a smaller emerging party (other than one that is under the control of the old elite). This ensures that the big boys don't have to recognise the otherwise successful emerging parties and can ignore them and their supporters as "electorally irrelevant". Australia First has been engaged in a real political struggle piecing together a party with a real Nationalist agenda for the real Australian people ... along come people like Katter and they get the immediate support of the media (which is continually denied us) and the support of the gullible public, who, if they support Katter and Co will, end up as disillusioned as previous One Nation supporters are today, when the wheels finally fall of the Katter party. Katter himself will retire soon, and I am always very, very suspect of anyone who would have the ego large enough to name a political party after himself (his son as well). Katter is not fair dinkum ... he wants to "populate" northern Australia ... can we ask where the people to do this will come from ... Asia, I am sure. He also wants to give 25% of Australia over to Aborigines. A good gesture I am sure, but it's not his to give and splitting Australia is not Uniting Australia. Katter is a clever plant by the old guard political elite to ensure that real Nationalist Parties don't get too successful. We need to see right through him. Be careful, as Clive Palmer is probably waiting in the wings to do the much the same thing.

05 March 2013

Letter: Two Children Dead

Dear Editor
Quite a ruckus has been stirred up over the latest civilian killings in Afghanistan. Australian troops have been mentioned as possibly being involved in the incident. There will be the inevitable enquiry as to what happened. But will we be told the truth?
You can’t fight a war without there being causalities. WW2, Korea, and Vietnam saw many 100s of 1000s if not millions of civilians killed. We can all lament war and wish for peace but the only solution to Australian troops being involved in these incidents is to bring the troops home at once, and let the Afghanistan national government run their own war.
Australia is planning to disengage from the war by 2014 and obviously Aussie troops aren’t too keen on being a causality of this no- win-war, and if they shoot first and ask questions later; who can blame them.
Unfortunately, there will be other wars and more civilian AND military deaths. Until nation states revamp their foreign policies these incidents will continue to happen.
Jay Nauss,
Glen Aplin Qld.