22 November 2011


Guest post by: Peter Schuback

So now they want to punish the parents of children that do the wrong thing and make the parents pay for their childrens’ crimes, what a bloody good idea.

What would have been a better idea was for the bloody do-gooders to stay the hell out of trying to tell parents of children how to bring up their kids. These dumb bastards were the ones that informed the kids that they had rights. That they could take their parents to court or get them charged if the parents gave the kids a bit of a clip under the LUG (ear).

When I was a kid I had a bit of respect for the law and for other people’s property. Why? Well because there was a detective sergeant named Banister that would give us a bloody good flogging if we did the wrong thing. He was a great guy and one of the few good coppers I ever met.

So over all we never got up to much mischief and if we did it was all good, clean fun.

Then along came these do-gooder bastards that thought they knew better and told us how to raise our kids. I was lucky, my seven are great people and have done well for themselves but I never took any notice of the dickheads that tried to get me to raise my kids by sparing the rod and spoiling the child. Well you clowns, you are the ones that have taken the rights away from the parents and now the younger generations have no respect for anyone or anything. You caused the problem and now you want to punish the parents that were forced to bring up their children the way you clowns wanted.

Children are much like untrained animals and they have to be taught and guided to learn how to live and respect other people, the law and most of all themselves. If they are let run wild you end up with ferals that have no respect for themselves or other people or the laws of the land. So if anyone should be made pay for the crimes of these uneducated wild little feral bastards it should be the do-gooders that took away the rights of the parents and the politicians and law enforcers that stood over the parents and enforced the wishes of the do-gooders on the parents of the children.

20 November 2011

Australia First State Meeting -- Update

Readers of this blog may be aware that a State Meeting for the Australia First Party is scheduled for:

9:45am - 4pm on Saturday 3rd December

Some readers and supporters will naturally wish to attend and have asked for full details to be published.

After discussing the matter with the organisers, the decision of the Party is that for security reasons (at least one threat has been received already) the venue of the meeting should not be published on the blog.

Members should have already received a flier with all the necessary details. However it is certainly not our intention that this meeting should be "members only". Far from it. We want as many as possible to attend, but we must also be careful and therefore anyone wishing to attend the meeting needs to be either a guest of a member or must contact us directly. You will understand that we will not be able to give this information to simply anyone who asks, but those who are "known to us" will certainly be assisted. All subscribers to this blog who subscribed before today will receive a personal notice shortly.

For details regarding the venue, please contact: afpqld@hotmail.com

15 November 2011

When China Rules the World

Author Martin Jacques speaks on French TV station France 24 about his book "When China rules the World: the Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World."

Video: http://www.france24.com/en/20101211-martin-jacques-author-journalist (11 minutes)

And meanwhile, the Chinese takeover of Australia continues:

Chinese Expansion Fears Revealed

It's not if, but when, China owns the world

Chinese migrants top Britons for first time

Toxic food imports

Mining threat riles Felton farmers

Australians have every right to ask our Federal and State governments what measures they will take to protect our identity, our environment and our future from the growing threat of Chinese Imperialism.  The parties of the system will continue to sit on their hands, but Australia First must and will take a stand on this menace to our national interest.