28 February 2010

"Brigalow Corporation". The short version.

Extract from speech given by Sue Mayne HERE.

Brigalow Corporation

"The Brigalow Corporation (of the State of Qld) originated in the old Qld Crowns Lands Act and came about through the Qld Government borrowing from the Federal Government funds to develop what was termed the “Brigalow Belt” (about 4 mil acres) out from Rockhampton during the 1960’s."

"The old Crowns Lands Act (Qld) has now been converted to the “Land Act 1994 (Qld)” and this is where you can find the “Brigalow Corporation” today. In essence the government of Qld has moved all the crowns land AND all crown land that was sold (fee simple) into the Brigalow Corporation through the Land Act,"

The “Brigalow Corporation” in not Listed as a “Public” company on the Stock Exchange, it is an “Exempt Public Authority”

"the State of QLD became a Corporation Government. Under the definition of ‘person’ in the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (C’wth), section 22 (1)(a) expressions used to denote persons include a body politic or corporate as well as an individual" "

"The elected Members
of the sovereign people of the State of QLD have, since 29th January 1999 taken it upon themselves, (contrary to the Criminal Code Act 1995(C'wth) to which they are all subject under Chapter 7 - The proper administration of Government), to create for themselves, under the Constitution of QLD 2001, a corporation Government in which the sovereign people of QLD and their property are mere chattels of the State. This surely is a breach of the trust and faith which the electors of QLD placed in their elected members to uphold and respect the laws of the Commonwealth."

"The State of Queensland Australia is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commissions under No. 0001244818. "

Government Tiers

"All Government tiers, including Local councils are now inside the Parliament of QLD".

"The Members of the Legislative
Assembly are clearly individuals and members of the corporation as defined in the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 sect 32 & 33.. "

"Members of the Legislative Assembly are paid by the Parliament of QLD
and are elected subject to the Election Act (Q) which is an Act enacted by the Parliament of QLD".

"All elections held in QLD since 6th June 2002 are elections at common law but the Election Act of QLD is subject to the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules 1999 of QLD, therefore any vote given in any State, Federal or Council elections since that time are votes in name only."

"The Acts Interpretation (State Commercial Activities) Act 1994 amended the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 to define "the State" to mean the Executive government of the State of QLD. Under the provisions of this Act, "the State" may carry out commercial activities 'without further statutory authority' and 'without prior appropriation from the public accounts' {s47C.(3)} Section 47C. defines 'commercial activities to include 'commercial activities that are not within the ordinary functions of the State' and these functions may be delegated by a Minister to an officer of the State who may sub-delegate delegated powers to another officer of the State. An 'officer of the State means a chief executive, or employee of the public sector or an officer of the public service'."

"The Second Reading Speech of the former Premier the Honourable Peter Beattie when he created the new Government of QLD, placed inside the Parliament himself as Premier (President), the Ministers, the Governor as a parliamentary secretary, the judges and justices of the Supreme and District Courts, the Supreme and District Court, the Local Government Councils."

"The public officials are not public officials of "the Crown" but public officials of "the State" of QLD. As all real property has now been taken back by the State and held under the State corporation, the Brigalow Corporation, the public officials are in fact now working for the owners of the land, the State Government of QLD."

"The only tenure that any financial institutions hold in land in QLD today, even though they may believe they hold an estate in fee simple, is in fact held by the corporation of the State, the Brigalow Corporation and is now the full property of the State. The lending institutions now only hold a statutory title and an interest only in the land by virtue of the Statutory Instruments Act 1992 under which the rules of the Supreme and District Courts are found under section 12 of that Act."

"The owners of that property
taken by the corporation can only hope that the corporation has not used your real property as an asset to borrow funds for the corporation for whatever purpose. If the independent State corporation fails or borrowing is too extensive, it will again be the sovereign people who will bear the financial consequences."

"Your Deed of Grant in fee simple is now a statutory title only
, and that title is upheld by Supreme and District Courts of the corporate Government of QLD the civil laws of the and the Judges of the Supreme and District Courts who are inside the Government."

Australia First Queensland will endeavor to create a simple A4 document that can be easily downloaded from this site. Once you have downloaded this document feel free to pass as many out as you can. We plan on having a follow up meeting in the coming weeks. Venue and time to be arranged.

Please read the complete document written Sue Mayne. If you feel you may be able to help or provide anymore information on this subject please email us at afpqld@hotmail.com

23 February 2010


We Pledge To Implement These Policies.

This is draft election policy for Australia First party in the 2010 Federal poll and for subsequent polls. The final version is yet to be approved. Our general programme is set out in the “Eight Core Policies” of the party; these policies are in accordance with these statements of position. What appears below is an electoral and community programme for action. It may be used as local circumstances permit in tandem with any purely local issue of community significance. Such policies may be added to if they are in accordance with the Eight Core Policies that guarantee the unity of the party around the idea of ‘Australia First’.

Eleven Points For Action

Australia First Party stands in this election with a programme for action and change for our country. Any Australia First representative elected is pledged to advocate these policies. The party is pledged to motivate the community generally to support these key demands to secure Australia’s identity, independence and freedom..

1. We demand that YOU the people should be represented in the parliaments and not be the victims of cynical, corrupt, and foreign-loyal party machines.

2. We demand the Implementation of Citizens’ Initiated Referendum and Voters’ Recall of parliamentarians, so that you the people can propose the laws and get rid of unresponsive parliamentarians.

3. We demand accountability for all politicians: for all those who have failed and corrupted Australia, sold the country to foreign states and agencies, or devoted themselves to globalisation; we pledge to nationalize their personal property and deny them parliamentary pensions and benefits.

4. We demand the promotion and rebuilding of Australian manufacturing and other enterprise and thence guarantee  - Australian jobs for Australian workers.

5. We demand the re-instatement of the Commonwealth Bank as originally intended to limit interest rates to a minimum charge and to eliminate the private control of the nation’s credit.
6. We demand the control of currency exchange rates to end speculation in the national currency and resources.

7. We demand the reform of taxation, its simplification to end the exemptions for the speculators, the multinationals and the super-rich.

8. We demand an end to foreign ownership and control of Australian real estate and Australian resources.

9. We demand: the end of all immigration for a long period on environmental, cultural, ethnic and security grounds ; the repudiation of all treaties on refugees ; the end of contract labour ; the end of residency  for foreign students; the end of multiculturalism.

10. We demand that the Australian transport industry be freed of bureaucratic control with the end of world-parity-pricing for fuel, the creation of an Australian fuel industry with a domestic fuel price and with public ownership of all roads and abolition of tolls. 

11.  We demand protection for Australian farmers by the provision of a guaranteed national market and pricing system, such that all food necessary to sustain the Australian People may be grown in Australia and regional Australia and its lifestyle be maintained.

18 February 2010

Big Brother takes control. Peter Spencer video REMOVED BY You Tube.

Above. The original You Tube video of the interview with Alan Jones has been removed for terms of use violation.

The above video that was removed by You Tube had received 4,539 views since December 13 last year, including over one hundred comments. For the benefit of our readers we have found another version of the video.

15 February 2010

Something every Queenslander should know!

Contract Labour Is Cheap Labour And It Can Now 'Legally' Flood Australia!

Australian Workers: It Is Time To Fight!

It is now official. Contract labour can be employed ahead of Australian labour, at a cheaper price and there is nothing the Federal government will do about it. No only that, the Federal government says that allowing this to happen is part of the free trade deals that Australia has signed.

Contract labour enters Australia as temporary visa holders. Some acquire that right as part of the overseas student rort; others are part of a mobile pool of labour hired by foreign body-hire companies for employment in Australia. Strong evidence exists that many of these companies are fraught with criminal overtones. Others (like the Chinese or Vietnamese ones) are state agencies.

Australian workers cannot look, either to Tony Abbott's Liberal Party (which started the whole Section 456 and 457 Visa scam), or to the Greens (who favour the 'rights' of these parasites) - for any sympathy. They must now look to themselves for strength and to a new party like Australia First for political action.

The contract labourers who now number over 70,000 persons are joined by up to 60,000 illegal workers. Numbers have been rising steadily.

The Truth Revealed.

The truth has been revealed by a report issued by the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and to be launched within days. The report, which analyses recent government statements on the visa scheme, finds that Australia is not requiring employers to prefer Australian over foreign workers in hiring - or in retention in case of redundancies. Nor can Australia freely change the list of occupations for which
the visas can be granted, nor cap the numbers of visa holders in a particular year. The number on the scheme is now set to explode. The CFMEU has approached the Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, in letters and in meetings. Union leader John Sutton said: ''What they are saying is that their hands are tied by international obligations under the World Trade Organisation and the Doha round of trade talks. This report has found that that is not the case. We are not bound, but the Rudd government is totally mesmerised by being seen to support a free-trade agenda internationally.'' Indeed, all Australian governments are hitched to the globalisers' dream of a borderless world - borderless for goods, capital and workers.

Senator Evans has replied to the CFMEU: ''We cannot create legal obstacles for overseas workers or introduce preferential treatment for Australian workers without compromising our international trading position and legal obligations."

Essentially, the globalist dream comes first.

The minimum salary or wage for a visa worker is sometimes 60% of that of an Australian worker.

If employers are no longer even compelled to demonstrate the 'need' conclusively, they could sack current workforces on certain pretexts - and rehire aliens.

It is strongly rumoured this may occur at the Burrangong Meat Works in Young.

Cheap Labour Scourge Built The Old Labour Movement

Obviously, unions like the CFMEU may be compelled to fight the government.

But contract labour involves many unions and occupational representative groups. Mr. 'Bunny' Brown of the Australian Long Distance Owners And Drivers Association said today:

"Contract labour, hired by the big transport companies, has become common. It denies many ordinary Australian drivers a job and it increases the profitability of the large companies against owner drivers. We have noticed large numbers of contract drivers from Sudan and South East Asia. Some come on trainee schemes and we have been told the government subsidises the scheme. These drivers are not as hounded by the authorities to comply with regulations as are we".

Originally, cheap labour, drawn from the South Pacific and from China, was a factor in fuelling the original Australian trade union movement over 100 years ago. It was a cardinal rule of policy that cheap labour would be refused access to Australia.

All this changed with the globalising 'vision' which grew to dominance by 1990. The availability of foreign contract labour - and now even domestic contract labour which enters under the guise of 'refugee' and overseas student programs - is too much of a temptation to the dominant class.

Similar problems build similar movements. It is obvious enough that the Labor Party and its unions are no longer any sort of representative of the working population. However, for Australia First, it is the original model of a united people's movement, which the former Labour Party grew out of - to which we must turn.

People's Action

The threat of cheap labour may drive tens of thousands of Australian workers into unemployment and continue to deny employment to those who lost jobs in the current economic downturn.

The cheap labour curse is a recipe for unlawful conduct. Australia First could not legally condone those who might break the law in wildcat strikes or actions against such unconscionable scabs, but we could understand the frustration and the anger denied a job to support their families.

Whatever occurs, it is time for Australian workers to fight back howsoever they can - through any union or association which is prepared to go the distance industrially and through Australia First, the only political party prepared to say what needs to be said on the political front.

In unity, we will have the Australian people's movement that can ensure that Australian Jobs For Australian Workers!

11 February 2010

A Big Welcome to Australia First A.C.T.

Yet another blog for the ever increasing network of Australia First.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia First Intends To Be Active In the Capital Territory

The decision has been taken to develop an Australia First branch in the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia First activists noted that some efforts of Australian nationalism and patriotism from the past - were not successful here. Groups from the 1990’s, up to and including One Nation, failed to make a dent in Canberra’s liberal fa├žade. We are going to be different.

Australia’s Prime Minister has recast our national government to present an image of craven subservience to whichever imperialism is cracking the whip. If the USA demands troops for losing Middle Eastern wars, he bends. If China demands greater access to Australian resources, he kowtows. This neo-colonial cringe is reflected in Canberra’s atmosphere. Foreigners strut, Australians bow.

It was said to us that the decidedly cosmopolitan nature of the nation’s capital would not be helpful to the development of nationalist politics. It was said that the ‘wealthy’ nature of Canberra offered little by way of a base for nationalism.

Australia First disputes all that. Canberra is still the home to a considerable Australianist history. It was the capital of John Curtin who fought Australia’s Great Patriotic War and the home of countless Australian iconographic representations of our culture and national achievement. It is a city that also has its working people and its underprivileged who are not represented in the Territory parliament and are certainly not represented by the major parties.

Australia First will organize as it can to develop a new clientele in the Capital Territory and to make itself, over time, an effective cultural and political voice.

It is also our policy to work with other genuine cultural, social and economic groups and political associations to construct more unity of opposition to the liberal globalist politics that dominate our Territory.

We call upon our supporters to become active in the cause of Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom. 

Visit them and say hello from Queensland. Here.

Compensation not Communism!

The people have had enough. How many non whites or " recent arrivals"can you spot at this recent demo in support of Peter Spencer? How many radical Left Wing demonstrators can you see at the demo supporting a working class movement? Answer NONE.

It's time to unite behind a party that is willing to fight for our country. Join Australia First and be a part of this Revolution. Send a message at this year's Federal Election; vote for a Party that will introduce Citizens Initiated Referendum (C.I.R) Support Australia First - before it's too late.

Download a membership form HERE and start today.

09 February 2010

The Theft of a Nation.

Who sold Australia and who bought it?

The who, what, when, why and how of our betrayal.

The accused? Not yet in the dock!

Gough Whitlam (Fabius Maximus), Robert Hawke, Malcom Fraser, Paul Keating, John Howard and
Kevin Rudd. Every one of them by their actions can be considered to be an 'international socialist'. The net end result of their policies has been a sociological disaster for Australia and her people.

They have presided over the destruction of the family, the economy, justice, and morality. They have presided over the disarmament of the people, while all the time pretending to protect the family and the nation. AND IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVELY OPPOSING THEM, YOU ARE COMPLICIT!! You are part of the problem, as long as you continue to "sit on the fence" opt out, or give up. Not just defeated, but actually guilty of aiding and abetting this betrayal. If only by your passive acquiescence to these unwanted, unjust and undemocratically arrived at policies, most of which would not have passed a people's referendum!

We the people of the nation have allowed this to happen. In truth we have become; "DOPED DOWN UNDER", by being compelled to vote for our destruction as a viable, cohesive, independent, sovereign nation. Unbeknown to most Australians, compulsory voting exists in only two other nations. Those being Belarus and Belgium! The leading democracies such as Britain, U.S.A. , France, Greece, Italy, etc. all have an unforced democratic vote. It is hard to imagine those peoples being so passive as to allow their governments to compel a person to vote. In the recent elections in Russia, President Putin asked the Russians to go out and vote; in our last Australian elections, we were ordered to.

In Queensland, our local government boundaries and system were changed, without reference to the people by referendum; once again, it will appear to the foreign observer, that the people agreed. The truth is, yet again, the people had NO CHOICE!! The difference between rape and consent is free choice. One might draw a parallel here between a compelled vote and a democratic free vote.

Statistics tell us that the vast majority of rape victims do not choose to conceive or give birth, when given a choice. When a vote is the result of threats of a person being fined and maybe jailed, and a law that permits a so called dissident to be jailed, for advising people "not to vote", then Australia cannot really pretend to be a democracy. Voting under duress can never be considered democratic.

Since the inception of the compulsory vote, Australian governments may have had some sort of a mandate, but the one mandate they didn't have, was a democratic one. This is not to say that an immediate or sudden change would have occurred, but without doubt over the decades, as Australians came to see what the 'socialists' were intending, many would have re entered the public political arena, as and when they perceived how little public support there is in fact for many of our governments' policies.

Under the current Australian Electoral Commission structure, it is verging on the impossible to create, register  and sustain a new party. The reader may well ask: what difference would a democratic vote have made? I will give 2 examples. Assuming that politically active people who join a new party will vote, and that in a free election maybe about 50% WON'T. Then the vote for a new party, with new leaders and policies will be maximised and democratic change or regression can occur according to the will of the people.

A visit to the national archives, or wherever these records are held, would show that based on these assumptions the Confederate Action Party, with .62% of a quota in 1993 on about a 60% voter turnout, would have won a senate seat; so would Mrs. Hanson, on her first attempt, (prompting me to wonder why she reportedly, supports the compulsory vote). Sometimes people don't realise when they are being robbed. I think that Mrs. Hanson has plenty of company in this respect.

There are basically only 3 ways for power or government to change: Invasion; Revolution or orderly political process (ie: Democracy) and that in simple terms wars have been fought on 3 main issues: Race, Resources and Religion. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Australia and Australians if the current "pretend democracy" continues, and an increasingly dumbed-down public come to realise that they have been duped. What if they come to realise that the government has abandoned our religion, sold our resources, and betrayed our people?  One reads that in 1971, 19 Australians were working to keep one person on welfare, whereas now we have 5 working, to keep 2 on welfare - and with millions queuing to get into Australia the situation can only worsen. Certainly, stupidity is no crime, but treason most certainly is.

I am supporting the Australia First Party and I hope that it will grow well past the 100,000 membership mark, which would then have it probably outnumber the combined memberships of Labor, Liberal, Nationals etc.

I support Australia First Party because it is both genuinely nationalist and Democratic. Australia First will have Citizens Initiated Referendum and Recall and Australia First has indicated that it will support A.D.D.I.C.T. Associations' strategies on the drug scourge. The drug war currently NOT being fought, as reported in "The Australian 23/10/09:  "Afghan Opium kills 100,000 people a year".

Perry Jewell, Australia First (Queensland).