11 February 2010

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia First Intends To Be Active In the Capital Territory

The decision has been taken to develop an Australia First branch in the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia First activists noted that some efforts of Australian nationalism and patriotism from the past - were not successful here. Groups from the 1990’s, up to and including One Nation, failed to make a dent in Canberra’s liberal fa├žade. We are going to be different.

Australia’s Prime Minister has recast our national government to present an image of craven subservience to whichever imperialism is cracking the whip. If the USA demands troops for losing Middle Eastern wars, he bends. If China demands greater access to Australian resources, he kowtows. This neo-colonial cringe is reflected in Canberra’s atmosphere. Foreigners strut, Australians bow.

It was said to us that the decidedly cosmopolitan nature of the nation’s capital would not be helpful to the development of nationalist politics. It was said that the ‘wealthy’ nature of Canberra offered little by way of a base for nationalism.

Australia First disputes all that. Canberra is still the home to a considerable Australianist history. It was the capital of John Curtin who fought Australia’s Great Patriotic War and the home of countless Australian iconographic representations of our culture and national achievement. It is a city that also has its working people and its underprivileged who are not represented in the Territory parliament and are certainly not represented by the major parties.

Australia First will organize as it can to develop a new clientele in the Capital Territory and to make itself, over time, an effective cultural and political voice.

It is also our policy to work with other genuine cultural, social and economic groups and political associations to construct more unity of opposition to the liberal globalist politics that dominate our Territory.

We call upon our supporters to become active in the cause of Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom. 

Visit them and say hello from Queensland. Here.

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