24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for your support and interest over the past year.  To every one of our readers, supporters and fellow nationalists in general, we wish you all a very merry Christmas, a safe holiday and a happy, healthy and productive 2013.  Let us all hope that this coming new year brings us closer to our goals and that, through our efforts, it will be a year that sees the continued growth of the nationalist message and further victories for our Party and our movement.

21 December 2012

Book Review: Cannibal Capitalism

“Cannibal Capitalism”
By Michael C. Hill.
They used to say that people who used a lot of fancy words to say very little had “swallowed a dictionary.” Michael C. Hill seems to have swallowed the “Wall Street Journal.”
Michael C. Hill is, he tells us, the son of a bona fide rocket scientist, who worked at NASA on the space program. After sacrificing his marriage to his career, the elder Hill was put out of a job by the contraction of space exploration after the big excitement of the moon landings. Young Michael, like a lot of us, was determined not to repeat Dad’s mistakes.
He became a capitalist just in time to lose all his money in the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Now he has written a book called “Cannibal Capitalism” to explain to us where we all went wrong.
There is not a word in the book that I have found to indicate that he is a Negro, but this is coyly revealed by a photograph on the inside back of the dust cover – the book is a hardback.
Michael apparently doesn’t know anything about what is called “fiat money” and the history of corrupt economics – they wouldn’t tell him that at college. He thinks he knows about “capitalism,” and having played the game according to the rules he was taught in college and lost, he has decided, of course, that the rules should be changed. Nobody told him that the rules had been changed way back in the year 1914, and that is when corruption entered the system.
Without going into the details of economic theory, it is certainly possible to argue that all the corrupt banking practices and laws that have been introduced since 1914 amount to an attempt by immensely wealthy families to hold onto their power. One can suspect the Windsors, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the rest of them of having a hand in the unscrupulous banking laws and the bogus socialist political rhetoric which have helped to preserve the power of these ruling families by freezing people into the class into which they were born.
But Michael C. Hill has apparently never heard of any of this. He thinks the system is a machine that needs tinkering with, and having been to “college” and read all the manuals, he thinks he is just the boy to do the tinkering. He has managed to get a book on the shelves along with Nouriel Roubini and all the other supposed intellectuals who are busy explaining to us how they can tinker with the system better than the next tinkerer. One might almost think they were a bunch of out-of-work mechanics.
In our system, we are supposed to have freedom of speech and publication, so it isn’t always possible to keep people from speaking or writing truth. What you can do, if you are a corrupt Establishment, is to make sure that the words of truth are drowned in an ocean of falsehoods. That is the real function of books like this one by Michael C. Hill, the good Negro, son of another good Negro, both of whom played by whitey’s rules and lost.