09 June 2012

Jeremy Lee: Vale

Somewhat belatedly, Australia First Party would mention the sad passing, some eight weeks ago, of Jeremy Lee.

Mr. Lee was an earnest speaker, writer and campaigner on many issues of concern to patriotic Australians.

Jeremy Lee lived his early life in Kenya before moving to Australia in the 1960’s, where he became active with the Australian League Of Rights. In that capacity for over 20 years, he toured Australia as an inspirational speaker. After moving away from the League in the 1990’s, he continued in his general role and was a great supporter of the Inverell Forum.

In the last 15 years, it was not uncommon for videos and DVD’s from his remarkable tape-library to turn up in workplaces across the country on subjects such as the banking credit creation fraud, the New World Order and our rights and freedoms which have been under sustained attack.

In the last few years, Jeremy Lee was unwell and confined to care. His last political visitor was Perry Jewell. This old fighter will be missed by all who believe in winning Australian independence from the globalist forces. Vale: Jeremy Lee.